Quad chiptune audio generator

4 channels of digital logic bliss, with love from the 8-bit era

Enough with the analog, warm and organic.

Edges is a module strictly focused on the straight lines, sharp edges, and clinical harsh modulations of digital logic.

Its architecture is loosely based on classic 8-bit console soundchips, providing 4 simple voltage-controlled voices. Each voice consists of a digital oscillator with two pitch CV inputs and a coarse pitch knob, with a gate input allowing the voice to be turned on/off without the need for an external VCA. The 4 channels are sent to an onboard mixer – making Edges easy to use for chord generation or heavy drone synthesis applications.

-12V:20mA *
(*) data refers to units manufactured in september 2015 or later

3 Square/pulse generators

  • Aliasing-free digital synthesis, based on a 4 MHz digital timer.
  • 5 preset duty cycles settings, from 50% to 95%, or CV-controlled PWM.

1 Noise and triangle generator

  • 48kHz, 12-bit DAC without reconstruction filter for a raw sound.
  • Triangle, bitcrushed sine, steppy NES triangle or various flavours of LSFR noise.

Advanced features

  • Optional semitone quantizer on the pitch CV input.
  • Per-channel mini step sequencer (8 steps) – perfect for creating rapid fire arpeggios. When the sequencer is active, the GATE input works instead as a CLOCK input.


  • Input impedances: 100k.
  • CV acquisition: 4kHz, 12-bit.
  • Channel 1 to 3: 4MHz, 1-bit.
  • Channel 4: 48kHz, 12-bit.