New sonic territories, new control schemes. Modular synthesis, the Mutable Instruments’ way.

Eurorack Modules

Sound sources

Braids. Macro-oscillator.

Edges. Quad chiptune audio generator.

Elements. Modal synthesizer.

Modulation sources

Tides. Tidal modulator.

Peaks. Envelope/LFO/tap LFO/drum generator.

Sound modifiers

Ripples. Liquid filter.

Shelves. EQ filter.

Streams. Dual dynamics gate.

Clouds. Texture synthesizer.

Warps. Meta-modulator.

Rings. Resonator.

Sequencing, control and meta

Grids. Topographic drum sequencer.

Frames. Mixer/keyframer.

Yarns. 4-channel MIDI interface.

Ears. Contact microphone and external instrument input.


Links. Multiples and mixing.

Kinks. Mingling and mangling.

Shades. Attenuator/offset/mixer.

Branches. Dual Bernoulli gate.

Blinds. Quad VC-Polarizer.

Veils. Quad VCA.

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