Mutable Instruments designs synthesizers and electronic music equipment. Differently.


Hybrid monosynth

Shruthi is a hybrid monosynth, combining the grittiness of a digital synthesizer with the warmth of real analogue filters.

More about the Shruthi


Polyphonic power

Ambika is Mutable Instrument's flagship 6-voice polyphonic synth. For expert builders only!

More about Ambika


Smart MIDI event processor

The swiss-army knife of your MIDI setup... and a great inspirational tool!

More about the MIDIpal


Analog groovebox

Classicism and character. A sequenced analog monosynth accompanied with an algorithmic low-fi rhythmic section.

More about Anushri

Our instruments are great-sounding, innovative, feature-packed. And done differently.

Sound quality

Our experience playing classic synths has set the bar. Our ears are the only judges, and they want the best. No cheap bleeps and noxious noise – just rich, well-controlled, musical sounds.


We don’t set arbitrary limitations for the sake of selling you an upgrade or the “pro” version. Once we have decided on a design, we implement every single feature that can fit into it.


Our background in signal processing, mathematics, computer science and our experience in engineering mission-critical systems enable us to imagine novel sounds and concepts, and realize them with precision and stability.


Our flagship product is a DIY kit. We release our code, schematics and board layouts under open-source licenses, and never miss an occasion to show you what is under the hood. We have nothing to hide.

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