About us

Turning love into machines turning electricity into sound


2009-2014: Quirky DIY hybrid synths. Open-source.

2013-2016: Eurorack modules, sometimes oblique, often multi-functional and easter-egg laden, always solid. Open-source.

2016-2018: Eurorack modules, “clean up the mess!”. Open-source.

2018-2020: Eurorack modules. “now that’s neat!”. Open-source.

2020-: Eurorack modules, “endgame”. Open-source (still!).


A workshop in Paris.

Modules made in Normandy.


Hi everyone!

My name is Émilie and I am Mutable Instruments’ product designer, hardware/software engineer, sales person, and customer support representative. That’s right… Mutable Instruments has, by design, no employees! Just me!

Prior to starting Mutable Instruments, I implemented some of the massive user profile and query analysis systems that power services like Google AdWords or Last.fm, researched drum transcription and demixing algorithms, and developed obscure music software like granulèse, a BeOS granular synthesis tool; or Bhajis Loops, the most awesome (by lack of competition) PalmOS DAW.


Hannes Pasqualini and his wife Elizabeth, from Italy, are responsible for Mutable Instruments’ visual identity – from logos to faceplates and manuals.

Martin Rattini has shot all the module photos shown on this site.

This website has been developed by John Mitchell.

If your module, system or cables were wrapped in/with something handmade, soft and colourful, it came all the way from Anek Designs’ studio.

Blessings to all the beta testers.