MIDIpal firmware downloads

Latest firmware

Grab the latest MIDIpal firmware here. Scroll to the bottom of this page for the upgrade procedure.


Various configurations of the MIDIpal firmware are available, featuring various combinations of applications, some of them contributed by other MIDIpal users. The following chart lists the available configurations.

The current version of the firmware is v1.2.

Monitor Event processing Clock source HD clock source Tanpura Ear training SH-seq Step seq JX-seq
Download X X . X . X X .
Download X X . X X . X .
Download X X . X . X . X
Download X X . X X . . X
Download X X X . . X X .
Download X X X . X . X .
Download X X X . . X . X
Download X X X . X . . X
Download X . X . . . . . X

Third party firmware versions

Michael Lauter has developed his own version of the MIDIpal arpeggiator and synchlatch apps that support MIDI SPP messages. This allows the MIDIpal to be slaved to some hardware sequencers that make use of this MIDI synchronization technique.

Updating the MIDIpal firmware

Keep the encoder pressed while you power on the MIDIpal. You’ll see the MIDI in and MIDI out LEDs rapidly blink in sequence, and the MIDI in LED will stay on. The MIDIpal is ready to receive the update data, which can be sent as a SysEx (with a 250ms or more delay between packets) or MIDIfile. The MIDI in LED blinks on every received packet, an update containing up to 256 packets. The update takes about 1 minute, and can be restarted in case of accident during the transmission. Upon reception of the last packet, the MIDIpal immediately boots with the new firmware.

If you want to use a dedicated SysEx transfer tool rather than a sequencer, we recommend Elektron’s C6 tool available for both Windows and OS X, with the following timing settings: