• hifimarek
    Hi can you send my firmware sdspprocesor FV-1 for MCU Atmega8L? my email is
    October 2016
  • hifimarek
    Hi can you send my firmware sdspprocesor FV-1 for MCU? my email is
    September 2016
  • Freeall
    Hi, Shrub! I want to soldering micrograiny for your project. Working or not working your micrograiny?
    July 2015
  • GentlemanRocker
    Hi Schrab, I just saw your drums only Anushri (well I was pointed to it because of that: and wondered if you'd have some more information on what you did somewhere online? Maybe even a schematic ore something? Really wanna dig into this. Wanna know what the better option would be, this or building the grid as a stand alone thing. Thanks in Advance, George
    November 2013
  • Lamouette_rck
    Hello Schrab ! I have a question about a pic you posted : Do you know what are the reference for that knobs ? I find them really fun ? are they rubber-touch ? Thanks. Bye
    February 2013
  • shimoda
    I was wondering if you did a midipal layout using a single layer or perfboard layout. pichenettes suggested that you may have and that I should contact you about it it to see if you might share the layout. I have some 328s laying about that I believe I could program with an arduino (as an isp programmer). As I'm in the US and will be ordering parts for a sidekick and smr, it would be a breeze to throw the parts for a midipal in an order to save shipping. thanks, mark jarzewiak
    August 2012
  • fcd72
    Yo Alexander... did you order your parts shipping to me for forwarding? I found nothing in the mail returning from vacations.... Best, Frank
    June 2012

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