• herrprof
    I actually dont own midialf or midirex yet, but my friend might sell his rex.. does your code work as a fork of the midirex code or a replacement?
    June 2015
  • accountboy
    hello kvitekp. I got the impression from here that you may have midialf/cv which you might consider parting with or even building? sorry if I'm getting ahead of myself here but I'd like to hear more on that if possible. thank you so much.
    April 2014
  • Kripticsnds
    Hey Kvitekp I live in Canada, thank you so much for your help! That is very generous of you! it's odd because I did have it working, then it just sort of stopped! What are you details! Thank you very very very much!!! Cheers, Laine Butler
    October 2012
  • shimoda
    I've already sent him info so if something happens or you want to trade the 5x5 and one chip against the gorf that would work out quite nicely. We can see.
    October 2012
  • dude163
    Hi Kvite , when using OSH park for the 3109 filter boards , did you upload the shruthi *.BRD or the *.SCH files?
    September 2012

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