Red or white? (not about wine)
  • I think my quest for an OK LCD source is coming to its end – I have found a company in China and one in Hong Kong that sent me pretty convincing samples (one of them is indeed the original manufacturer of the LCDs modules sold by Sparkfun).

    Their minimum order quantity is enough for one or two of my next projects – a lot, but it still makes sense to me economically speaking. I have to decide on a color – it’s either white on dark greyish blueish (just like for the Shruti-1) or red. The red is less aggressive, which can be a good thing in some situations.

    Any preference?

  • white! red is so... ordinary!?
  • red- i also prefer vin rouge

  • Based on those pictures, I prefer the red…

  • +1 for white.

  • I don’t know if the display is optimized, but the contrast isn’t great on the white one (in other words, the background isn’t completely dark—my Shruti’s display is like this and no adjustment helps).
    The red looks like more “Tron-like” and that’s for me.

    Can’t stare at it for too long; everything will start to look green. This happens when I look at my MachineDrum for too long.

  • Honestly, I don’t mind. The red does look easier on the eyes. Just like a women, eh?
    Still… I don’t trust it for some reason.

  • Red for me too, and Olivier if u want i can buy you some LCD if u think thats can help u, i need about 10 or 20 ….

  • @glitched: I don’t have any unit of the LCDs I shipped with the kit around, but isn’t there a trimpot you can adjust for the contrast? The photo of the white one is a bit overexposed – but it is very close to the “original” one… The contrast can be adjusted, but when set to the position where the background is totally dark, the brightness of the letters is lower, they look more greyish, and the photo would have been a bit trickier to take.

  • Red all the way!

  • I prefer the red, but I’d be happy with either, so long as the synths are as fun as the Shruti-1 :)

  • red is totally bad ass. can you imagine how cool it would look under a deep red acrylic face plate or see through red perspex?

  • Today I’ve received another batch of 3 from another manufacturer. Those guys sound less reliable than the other (I’ve ordered the samples mid march, since then, delays, apologies and “the dog ate my FSTN”). The colors were Red, Green and Amber. The red one is crap (poor contrast), the amber one is contrasted but the letters are very dim, but the green one… hmm… makes me wonder:

    (looks like some serious clipping is happening on the second picture)

  • yep that looks very nice too! i actually prefer all colors over blue. but i guess the red would still make it!

  • wow, the green one is nice
  • Ecktoplasm. Mmm.

  • hmm, green is interesting… though I’d still go for the red one.

  • Red still best for me.

  • that's a tough one! for me i think the red juuust barely edges out the green. maybe i'd have to buy one of each and make 2!
  • I’ll go with red, getting confirmation for a change to get the frame of the display thinner (9.5mm instead of 13mm). Usually, they come with a 13mm tall metal frame, unlike what you all have for the Shruti (9.5mm). I prefer the thinner one.

    If you don’t like the color, you’ll have to search a bit to get a green one yourself if you prefer it. The green one is from this manufacturer: . But really, any HD44780 display will do, and there are hundreds of different manufacturers who make them. I’ll make a list of manufacturers/products I wasn’t super happy with – looks like a good white or red display is not that easy to get right.

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