Problem setting up the power supply
  • Hi,

    I almost finished the shruti1, thinking it was all coming along nicely. then - BAM - the powersupply test didn't show the proper results:

    instead of the optimum 7-10 Volts between the green and the purple point, I get a miserable 2,95 volts... what to check now?
  • Good that you’re testing things at this early stage… Have you tried checking the voltage directly on your power supply jack?

  • actually, I tried to measure inside the hackme pannel... so now I tried to measure the acutal contacts. 0.00 Volts...
  • Hmmm, how could you get 0V? Is there a shortcut somewhere? Have you tried measuring directly at the tip of your power supply, not connected to the Shruti-1?

  • I measured in AC the whole time. merde!

    It is all fine. 9,51 Volts - of to the building table again. will report back asap. thanks for all the speedy help olivier!
  • it works! :D bootup complete
  • proof:
  • wow this thing is EPIC! :D
  • hell yes it is!