Parts List WWW.REICHELT.DE (Good Option For German Buyers)
  • Hi…

    I wrote a parts list for Reichelt Elektronik. I cannot confirm that all of the parts in this list will work, since I had no chance to try them out. But i will keep the list up to date if there are any news.

    HERE IS THE LIST might be an option for German buyers of the PCBs. Unfortunately there is a minimum order value of 150 EUR (!) for orders from outer Germany :(

    The parts will cost around 20 EUR at Reichelt. Only a few parts cannot be found there.

    I bought the 2 pots for gain and volume control plus the audio jacks from (10,85 EUR incl. shipping).

    The display can be found at (21,28 EUR incl. shipping).

    Yesterday I received my CEM3379 from (24,34 incl. shipping).

    Well, and you have to look where to buy the ATMega chip.


  • UPDATE: All parts do their job.

    I had to squeeze the pins of the power jack with tongs (those were to thick).

    The MIDI jacks had two pins each that i had to bend.

  • “Do their job” as in “you’ve assembled it and it works”?

  • Sorry, I have not seen your answer.

    It´s right. I have assembled it an it works! Everything sounds great to my ears :)

    I used:
    C7: polarized version
    C18: 1uF polarized cap
    IC2: TL072
    IC5: some 1044 variant

    The power jack reaches too far over the border of the pcb. so I will use a 3,5mm stereo jack as a power jack, when I will put the Shruti-1 into its housing.

    BTW: I have a little problem with the STEPSEQ. I want it to play let´s say 3 notes w/ this setting: 0 2 4. So when I press C it should play C-D-E. But the SEQ won´t do anything? Do I have to choose a certain setting on the ARP page?

  • The step sequencer is more for programming modulations than melodies – think of it as a super programmable LFO. But it should still be possible to do what you want to do by routing, in the modulations pages, the sequencer output (seq) to the oscillator pitch(es).

  • Aaah, now I got it ;)

    Modulating the pitch with the sequencer works exactly like I wanted it to do. Somehow even better…

  • ok, my reichelt parts arrived (still waiting for lcd). yesterday i mounted them. i used some variations. for resistors i used the metalfilm type (not because avatar is such a great movie (which it is not), but because i seem to remember that they have less 1/f-noise). also i used higher quality sockets for the curtis-chip and the opamp (again, for audio quality).
    and then i used "TASTER 3FTL6 - Multimec" for the buttons (i used them before and like them and hoped that they would fit (should have looked)). they need to have the legs twisted to fit through-hole, but they do that surprisingly well and exact. the power-jack from the part list does not fit at all,btw.

    as i forgot 3 caps i did not test yet.
  • Speaking of Reichelt… I had a very quick look at the site and the prices looked absolutely terrific compared to farnell (interesting only for large quantities or rarer parts) and digikey (with those dreadful custom bills arriving 1 month after the package has been received) ; and the selection is quite decent.

    Is there an additional tax (VAT) to pay in addition to the listed prices? I assume shipping is negligible for large orders, and obviously there’s no custom taxes when shipping to France. So it looks to me it would be a smart move to start getting everything from them (except for the LCDs that I will order in bulk directly from their manufacturer in China this time, and maybe some ICs from Farnell).

    I haven’t ordered yet the new iteration of PCB protos for the Shruthi-1, so it’s still time to change parts. For those who are familiar with the Reichelt catalogue: – Which PCB pots do they have that have the same footprint than the Alps/Panasonic ones I used? – What about switches? – I’ve switched for my new designs to Neutrik audio connectors. I want something with roundish leads (not large rectangles) so I don’t have to require milling for the PCB. Do they have something like that?

    Browsing their catalogue is not easy since I don’t know german!

  • Those prices include VAT. Shipping is ok. I do like those multimec switches (they do exist in led-variant, but not at reichelt), but schadow digitast is quite nice, too (i use those for my seq) (will you include pullups for the buttons in the next shruti?). they do have alps encoders and pots. as for connectors, they do have neutrik (myself i'll rather use offboard connectors and screw those to the case)
  • their search is ok, btw
  • Reichelt is very good and cheap option but when you are in France you have to order more than 150 € ... if it’s less they don’t send parts to France …
    I’m very interested too to order parts for my others shruti in that site but my order is around 40 € ...

  • But unfortunaly Reichelt havn’t got your neutrik audio jack …

    That’s false … i’ve just checked in reichelt site and find that :;GROUP=C161;GROUPID=3237;ARTICLE=7303;SID=26trK0dqwQARoAAGL6I8g5220f8fbd60725a251863c14e85eefbb

    Very good news :-)

  • I’ve prepared a BOM for the Shruthi-1, I managed to get down to 4 suppliers (Reichelt, Xiamen Ocular, Digikey for the keys and pots, Farnell for the knobs, audio jack+some ICs). Will try to get rid of Farnell. Very attractive price!

  • that’s awesome! have you already a rough estimation when the new Shruthi-1 might become available ;) ?

  • The Shruthi-1 design is stable – I mean, I don’t think there’s much I’ll have to tweak hardware-wise – but as I’ve learned, it’s hard to get a PCB right from the first iteration! Todd (from narrat1ve) will have a quick look at my layouts – after that I’ll order protos and I’ll assemble them. If they turn out well I will get a bunch of people to build it (interested?). If there’s something wrong, add a 3 or 4 weeks for a “troubleshoot, revise, reorder, rebuild” cycle. And maybe one more :( A conservative estimate is 2 months for a first version. I’ll ramp up slowly and will send the first kits or PCBs to experienced builders.

    A specificity of the Shruthi is that a variety of filter boards will be made available – at the moment there are two (the new LM13700 based VCF/VCA, and a board which uses the same CEM3379-based section as the Shruti-1), but I’d like to design one more with two SSM2164s (one for the VCF, one for 2 linear VCAs) ; and maybe one with a SSM2164 (VCAs) and a SSM2044 VCF.

    Meanwhile, I’ll be busy with the docs. There are still a bunch of things to do for the firmware, but I’m making good progress!

    Meanwhile, I’m also getting and checking samples from several LCD manufacturers in China and HK. I’ve discarded two of them, and should receive in the next days samples from the manufacturer that do the stuff for Sparkfun, and from one that can do backlights with fancy colors. The plan is to order a rather large stock of LCDs directly from one of them – even if I don’t use all of them for the Shruthi-1, they will go for my next projects or I’ll resell them.

  • (interested?)

  • When I bought my parts I tried to avoid ordering from Digi-Key, because they want 18€ for shipping. 18 bugs is what I payed for the parts themselves at Reichelt.

    @efluon: The Multimec switch looks nice. Somehow more solid than the digitaster. And I found the LED switches at Reichelt. For example the “TASTER 3FTL620”...

    @pinchenettes: instead of your audi jack you could use the “EBS 63P” which might be a bit more standard (?). And if you need help finding parts at Reichelt, just send me an email.

    BTW: I would recommend a group buy thread.

  • how about R+S for the rarer parts?
  • The “EBS 63P” has solder tags instead of pins, which requires slotted holes. I was a bit wary about those because the PCB proto house I used in the past did not do them, and the place where I get the PCBs now require an extra fee for them. But it would make sense to have super large pads on the PCB, and 6 holes – so you can use either a mono connector with round pins (Neutrik NMJ4HFD2), or a stereo connector with round pins (Neutrik NMJ6HFD2) – in which case the extra stereo pins are unconnected but soldered for more stability ; or even the EBS63P after a bit of dremelling of the holes.

    The BOM I made yesterday night was a first draft… Heck, I’m not even sure the proto will work fine :) Within a couple of weeks I’ll open the github project and share the BOM spreadsheet… I’ll let you do all the optimization to come up with the coolest and cheapest BOM :) Let’s call it the “50€ digital/analog hybrid monosynth challenge”.

    @efluon: last time I checked, R+S France was really expensive, I’ll give it a second look… Maybe they have all that I need from digikey.

    Regarding the Alps pots… The one they have on Reichelt do not have a D shaft, and they are more expensive than the Panasonic clones I can get on digikey, especially in large bulk. One thing that I found strange at Reichelt is that their prices do not drop for large quantities, which makes the concept of a group buy less interesting.

  • About serial lcd, i have looked to, is there another supplier cheaper ?

  • Another source for serial LCDs:

  • has about the same prices. they got a list for all sparkfun stuff. i think ordering directly from sparkfun should be cheaper, AFAIK there is no import taxes on electronic components (at least in germany) and postage should not be that high if many parts are ordered
  • that would be great. unfortunately i have to pay taxes everytime i receive electronic components from the US as soon as its value’s more than about 40€. last time 2 weeks ago for WTPA components 9€ taxes for a value of ~48€.
    (germany too)

  • Same thing in France :-(

  • About jack output i found them on reichelt;GROUP=C161;GROUPID=3237;ARTICLE=7303;SID=26trK0dqwQARoAAGL6I8g5220f8fbd60725a251863c14e85eefbb

    Very good news :-)

  • ok, sorry for the misinformation, electronic components are toll-free, but not tax-free..
  • One question about reichelt… The payment seems to be by bank transfer only… Is there a credit card option? Is it only for german customers?
    Maybe bank transfer is a normal means of payment in Germany… Here in France, it’s really a pain…. (though I could do that online very easily when I lived in Switzerland).

  • I'm not sure that you can use credit card ! i already used bank transfer !
    i can do it online with my bank easily !
  • from outside germany the payment options are cash-on-delivery or advance bank transfer only (or something very evil paypal-esque that you really should not do).
  • in germany the default payment method is direct debit, but you can also choose payment on delivery. i just know that direct debit is no option from outside germany. generally they take the money one day after the shipping of the order which equals payment in advance imo, but haven’t had any bad experience with reichelt.

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