The Shruthi-1 Programmer - FINAL EDITION SOLD OUT!
  • Board Revision 0.1 done.

    Why is nothing nicely alligned? Because theres no need to make it square ;-)

    Tomorrow: Exposing and etching my first PCB in Life!

    There will be Beta Boards to test over xMas, if they work ill set up a list for Preorders – stay tuned!

  • can i be beta tester :drool: ??


  • Revision 0.2
    Some slightly corrections, some small caps to smoothen the PowerRails, a Power LED, xtra GroundPads for rosch – but still some Bugs in it…...but there will be some Protos next week. BTW – you will have to drill the holes yourselves. Thats why its called DIY!!

  • want one, and as you know i’ve got THE drill!

  • @EATYone
    did you spot my favourite part?

  • 595? 137? 4051? 10k pots?

    I’ve got them all!

  • You might want to add bypass caps to all those CMOS parts..

  • @altitude
    yes, i considered this but….. it only runs at some hundred Hz and has virtually nothing to switch (theres next to no load on the gates, since all it switches is another gate..) so theres really no need for bypass caps – it would only make it more expensive and clutter the design *rotfl. The Protos run perfectly without. Since its a single sided board most of the Bypass Caps would need a Bridge…..

    EDIT: you might solder them directly on the copper side and connect them with a wire to some of roschys ground pads….that must be the reason i included 6 of them.

    its in 2 O’Clock position of the 137 . . .

  • Actually, its not useless. It makes people either wonder whats good for and then use their brains1 – which is always a good thing – or make them laugh – which is also always a good thing.

    1 If there is any Brain left after all the soldering Smoke…

  • I did a quick check of people who might be keen and came up with this list. Sorry if i missed you.

    Add or remove yourself if needed!

    Adam Jones - Very easy
    Salkinitzor - Wants one for the now 'vintage - rare' Shruti :P
    Bassstrings - Likes depressing and twiddling.
    Rosch - Interested, plays chess and drinks wine
    Paradigm X - Might be interested, commitment issues, but wants a date.
    Sync24 - Easy going and likes to connect
    ElectroDruid - Very keen, might have relationship issues on the horizon though, :P
    Altitude - Not yet committed, still working out the meaning of life.
    Gein - If buys a Shruthi (Which you will :P )
    CheeseNoOnions - interested, likes windy walks on beach
    Oootini - Does not want.
    Phm78 - Very VERY interested
    Hmmm (ME!) - Definitely keen to pick up. maybe get programmer. but not before picking up
  • Öy! What about me????

  • ANNNNNNNNDDDD MEEEEE????????????????

  • Me too! me too!

  • I’ll take care of you personally EATYone…. ;-)

  • Too much knobs for me :) ( restricted space on my baby desk )
    But great work indeed !

  • @üav
    You could use Trimmers….

  • The Protoboards are on their way, ETA here tomorrow morning!!! I am so excited – like a child before xMas!

  • Like my wife before X without mas ….

    Sorry…. :D

  • More of that kind of a Ferkel, EATYone….

  • The Eagle has landed:

  • just in time :D

  • Cool !!!

    Whats the dimensions of the PCB?

    Looks awesome.

    Nic eone.

  • I’d love to have one too, fcd72!

    Dunno if it’s too late to ask or what, but I love what you’re doing here.

  • so whats the story on these? U need beta testers or what? Those are not drilled?

  • Not drilled

  • Can confirm: Proto Boards not drilled, Beta testers acquired, some spots for next revision identified. Beta Boards will ship on Monday (expect the one for rosch who has one of these rare DeLorean based Flux Compsenator Type Time Machines ) for testing & feedback till mid January. If everything is good i will open OrderTime™ mid/end January with Kits available mid/end February. If we need another iteration of Proto/Test add another month – im doing this as my hobby and i am very busy in 1Q2k11.

    Kits will be complete PCB + Parts + Preinstalled Useless Diode + PanelMounted Pots ( since the pots will be less then 1/2 the price you normally get if i order some 1000s together with Olivier directly in HongKong/China/Somewhereelsecheap ).

    Dimension is 100x80mm and the boards will be definitely undrilled since its a non-Eagle Design and my life is to short to drill all the holes. Or you wouldnt pay me drilling if i charge my usual hourly fee ;-) If you managed to build a Shruthi some holes should be next to no Problem for you…

    Anyone seriously interested may drop me an eMail from now on to be included to the PreOrder List and may cancel this order till Parts will be ordered. I just need to know how many to produce for the first limited run and your T-Shirt Size, since it will come with a matching T-Shirt (sorry – no Towel on this run!)

    Just dont ask me for an exact Price right now, it will be – depending on the number – roughly max 2/3 of a Shruthi Kit, more likely less. This is just to give you a briefe glimpse of the Pricing.

    There will be 2 Enclosures available from my side, the Blacky-Style one seen on Page 1 of this thread and i think about an alternative Layout in an square, totaly independant Enclosure (think of a tribute Form Factor to the glorious PG-800).

    For an update of the Proto-Building Process you may want to check here from time to time….

    Oh, and the Final version will have all the Bugs on the Board removed ;-)

  • Holey xMas!

  • don’t the black bridges actually make it look like a Frankenstein edition?

  • Frightening! Some tips for maximizing horrification: remove the Resistor and paint it Black. Where is the useless Diode???? You know, without it won’t work as indended….. (1N400x would fit since black by design…). And a square LED would fit better – or an IR type.

    Edit: And add some dark-grey rings to the resistor for better identification!

  • i haven’t drilled holes for the specified useless diode for i try to do it smt this time. just need to find one with this ugly footprint.
    the led is just for the moment. i’ll put it on the panel and i will change the resistor to a much higher value as this (kinda) red light just burns my eyes…
    on the other hand i don’t really need an additional power indicator on the Shruthi, but there must be ways to partially hide such an led from an ldr or vice versa, mechanically, like… shades and all…

  • So, the proto and the beta boards don’t have predrilled holes… Will the final boards have pre-drilled holes, or is drilling just going to be a part of assembling the kit?

  • If the boards will be drilled or not is a matter of price. I wont drill them all and ill have to check what it will cost to have them drilled by the Manufacturer. Since its a nonEagle Design you cant have the Holes drilled by CNC-Machine (well – you could but if you programm that….....) so its real good old handywork.

  • More PICs!

    BTW: It works!

  • awesome!
    i’ll try mine tonight!! after a huge drilling session!

  • hi everyone.
    new to this, my shruthi kit is coming in a few days :-D

    of course I am also very interested in the programmer plus enclosure.
    dont care about all in a box or two different ones for synth plus programmer.
    I am one of the "better more expensive and therefore more easy" guys, or have best features possible (of course not too expansive, but the price of the shruthi itself, what is it? peanuts compared to other machines I bought)

    a built in brakoutbox for cv stuff (eurorack compatible) was awasome, but I think this is too late for the first batches or at all

    so, count me in for a kit plus enclosure :-D
    but not beta tester or something like this.. I'm a noob
  • Hi all !!

    I'm building my first shruthi and before buying it, I was watching at this controller.....controller which partly convinced me to buy shruthis !!

    The fact is that I own 2 shrutis (rev 0.7)...but I'd like to only use 1 controller....Do you think it would be possible (for me, newbie in soldering and electronics) to had a switch so that the controller feeds either one shruthi or the other one...

    Well in fact, the question is: Does the controller have to be plugged before the shruthi's on or does the shruthi "recognize" the controller "on the fly" ?

    Despite my modification is possible or not, I'm interested to be on the "I prefer 32 knobs hardware to 4 numeric buttons"-list (will cost around 90€ ?) !


  • Don’t try the Programmer now, but according to the Schematics, i think it’s possible, since the Programmer just Send info and don’t receive anything…FCD72 have u try this? :D

  • I won't try it before everything has been checked by beta testers !!! I'm just planning to use it in the future...For the moment, I'll use the four knobs and 4 buttons of the shruthi (but I'd still like to know if it's possible !!)!!!
  • There’s an option in firmware 0.92 to enable/disable it. If the option is enabled with no programmer plugged-in the Shruthi-1 will run in “Gremlins mode” where all parameters values change randomly all the time!

  • Yo Tom,

    as pichenettes said you need to enable the controller in the firmware, if no controller is connected while Shruthi thinks its there it it wil read values from an unterminated A/D – which tend to be random – and insert them as paramater changes into the actual patch. You will hear a randomly produced sound that changes about every 1/5 of a Second. So there is no plug and play way to disconnect the Controller and connect it to another Shruthi. Physically i would not recommend that too, as the controller logic directly connects to Shruthis Logic Board (while developping i did break the connection many times without doing harm to my Shruthi but that only might have been luck – dont try this @ home, kids!)

    To be clear like the blue sky: there is no Way Shruthi recognized the Programmer, you have to tell Shruthi its there manually. The solution to your problem ist just polychaining your two Shruthis and connecting the controller to the first in the chain. All changes at the pots will be streamed downward. A better solution would be 2 controllers and even better you would get 2 T-Shirts ;-)

  • Ok, what i thought is impossible....damn !!! Well I still might get a controller if you plan to release kits....otherwise I'll wait for the "development" to be done and will, for the moment, build one by myself !
  • that could be done with a midibox 64 / 64E by just changing the midi channel for example.
    i haven’t built one yet but from what i’ve read it should be easy enough to set that up.

    well, first i try this one and see how that works with polychaining then.

  • Nop, I think this can't be done via MIDI as "the Shruthi can't receive CC and notes on different channels" told me Olivier..So you won't be able to send notes on the shruthi(s) and choose which shruti you control via CC....But I may have misunderstood what pichenettes told me ;-)
  • @Tom
    You need only more MIDI Ports, maybe try an eMagic Unitor 8 MK2;-)

  • Midi merger CAN help u perhaps…

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