• If you have things you want to say about the Shruthi (in a “short review” form) that I could post on the main Mutable Instruments site, please send it to me by email (mutable.instruments@gmail.com).

  • great idea! only the shruthi-1 or also the shruti-1 (without the final h)?

  • I think that whatever applies to the Shruti also applies to its younger sister. Those who have both can confirm… (which makes for another topic: shruti vs shruthi…)

  • okie! Then I’ll work on something! You want pictures/sound as well? Right now I only have the Shruti, but I am about to order the new one as well (waiting for the clock to reach 0) so I could even do the comparison thing!

  • Send whatever you want, from a one-liner to a full story :)

  • Easy to use and fun!

  • short version: Easy to build, friendy forum, sounds great!!

    Long version:
    Its the best kit iv built, and iv built a few. Its easy to build and if you get stuck in the process the forum is really friendly and helpful.
    And it sounds great! A really useful tool! iv used it in most of my productions since iv built it! Either as a sxf-tool for games or just for music.
    What i find is the best feature of the shruti-1 is that you can just turn it on, press the test-tone button and in no time at all you have something interesting going on!

  • last question: deadline?

  • none… It’ll be a page on which I’ll add new testimonials whenever I receive them

  • Hi!
    I started to write down my experience with the Shru(t)his and while I was typing on the keyboard I realized that I was actually writing a review… so I just kept on going…
    The product of it is now on my blog:
    I know it’s very long… I hope not too long.
    You can use as much and whichever part you see fit for your testimonials page.

    And here’s some pictures of the building process of my Shruti-1: http://weblog.papernoise.net/2010/08/shruti-1-the-somehow-happy-end-of-an-infinite-story/ I always forget to have pictures taken of the electronics soldering part… must do that next time!

    I hope you can find something useful there…

  • ... an amazing way to discover how a synth works.

    Shruthi-1 + Arduinome:

  • Did you ever end up making that testimonials page?

  • Wow, I totally forgot about that. My gut feeling is that it’s not needed – cool videos and tracks could make much more :)

  • yep! testimonials are for naff tv ads!

  • you’re right about the tracks and videos thing… well, once I find some time, I’ll be contributing to it, promise!

  • As a chipmusic musician who performs live, it is often a challenge to create a visceral live performance, and the shruthi-1 is a harsh beautiful organic digital synth that sounds at home alongside a NES as much as it does alongside a Minimoog. A warm and abrasive performance powerhouse, you will be surprised how many different roles it is capable of performing. I'm hooked!
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ll_SKOr2tVY

  • Great vid man! Did you do all the stop motion yourself?
    You make me feel ashamed of not having produced one Shruthi video since I got the device…
    But as they say, the shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot…

  • Great vid? lol about 20 min of work plus 10 for uploading, 100% on an iphone: Shooted with an appz called StopMotion, FX with CinemaFXV, and the video is build under Splice…Thnx anyway :)))

    But if a thing is great in this vidz, that’s this awesone little box one more time!

  • Waoooow 342 views in 2,5 dayz, Olivier ur little box is a Star!

  • The synth cats prefer.

  • You’re welcome to use my comments from the ‘Census of successfully assembled Shruthi-1s’ thread.


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