PSU for several Shruthis
  • Yo!

    I want to power lots of Shruthis :)

    Should I buy this: or this: ? Can’t decide…


  • For 8 Shruthis you’d need approx 3600mA – are there WaterCooled WallWarts? Just buy Loads of these and one of these

  • Hmmm links don’t work. The forum software interprets some of the special characters I think. I changed the post, copypaste works.

  • Also the cable doesn’t make much sense… or the Shruthis have to stand in a circle :))
    I think I’d need something like this:

    But no idea where to get those at an acceptable price, or even what to search for…

  • so you’d go for the second PSU fcd72? It is advertised to have 3000mA, I’m willing to test how many Shruthis it can really power :))

  • Personally i have 1 PSU per Shruthi and one Motor per Car i own.

  • I dream of a synth PCB small and simple enough so that it can take as much space and power as a small lamp.

    So that you can hook it to this for an awesome light’n‘sounds show. Ikea sequencer?

  • @fcd72: Thats what I have at the moment, but its really annoying with so many wallwarts…

  • @pichenettes: Hahah, nice :)

  • @pichenettes:
    a 555, pot, cap, some diodes for waveshaping a transistor + piezo and ready you are ;) will make nice surroend effects if routed thru the trees in the garden.

  • you could also put your own cable together

  • Godlyke Powerall.

  • Thanks for the tips guys. If you have more suggestions where to get those daisy chain cables, especially in Germany/Europe, or if anyone has an idea what to call these cables in German, please tell me ;)

    @fcd72: Atari Punk Blinkenlights!! :)

  • Ah, I’ve found some. The best ones so far are this and “this”:ör&hash=item20c6385cf0

  • Have you calculated how much cooling do you need to install because of the IR radiation this tiny cable will produce when fully Shruthified?

  • I think you are exaggerating a bit, Shruthis don’t need that much power…

  • We talk again when you come back from the emergency room with your Hand bandaged because the red glowing Cable burned you right down to the Bone….

    Translate: Looks a bit whimsy…. why don’t you do your own?

  • Its worth a try at least, using one Euro plug instead of two multi-outlet strips full of wallwarts would definitely be nice.

  • Oh you are just talking about the flimsy Thomann cables? Yep, thats a good point, maybe I’ll solder my own with better cables.

  • Is that picture a mockup? I hope they didn’t really build that thing. :))

  • Nope
    Now its a real Spaceship as it now has a docking Pod….

  • Oh jeez…

  • @flip: Looked around a couple of days ago too. I found this . But maybe daisy chaining is better.. I don’t know. :)

  • @tb323: Found these too. I think the cables are too short, or you have to set up your Shruthis in a cricle ;)

  • @flip: There’s nothing wrong with circles. ;) That gave me an idea though: connect them in a circle with midi cables and start the sequencer. Might sound like idm(?).

  • you can get daisy chain cables at virtually any guitar shop

    the price probably won’t be very fair, though.

  • Frank has convinced me, I’m building my own cable. What about this combination? Do you think it will be OK? Or should i better get an even thicker cable? What also worries me a little is that the plugs are “for 0,5A max.”... But they are already the more expensive ones…

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