Holy cow! The MidiPal is... fantastic!
  • Today i received the built version of my MidPal and i have to state that it’s really incredible and fantastic! Normally i’m not a friend of using such enthusiastic attributes.
    I’m sitting here for the whole evening testing my MidiPal with NI Komplete:

    • Blasting sequence lines using FM8 and the MidiPal sequencer
    • Fantastic and slowly evolving soundscapes with Absynth and the MidiPal arpeggiator (using very slow settings)
    • Very cool drum performances with Battery and the MidPal drummachine app

    This is so cool and fun. I think i need a second MidiPal! :-)
    Will see, maybe i will be able to combine the sequencer and the drum app into one. Together with a Virus TI in multimode I could then perform whole songs using the TI arp and the MidiPal Drum&Seq app.
    Thanks to the well organized and written code I think this should be possible.

    Olivier has really done some great and extensive work developing all the code for the MidiPal! You immediately recognize that he has spend a lot of time on thinking about functionality and user interface for every of the apps. They have been developed from a musicians view and less from a technical one which makes them all fantastic to be used.

  • High praise, makes me even more excited to receive mine.

    @You immediately recognize that he has spend a lot of time on thinking about functionality and user interface …@

    ^^^ This was the first thing that I noticed after getting a Shruthi-1. Olivier isn’t just making great DIY hardware, he has really put so much thought into developing firmware that really makes it a pleasure to use. So important.

  • Yeah, you learn pretty quickly that Olivier is one of a kind. It makes being a part of this place a very special thing.

  • All, Olivier, products are fantastic. :)

  • Received mine yesterday as well. Had lots of fun with the delay and transposing each echo with a microQ. :)

  • Yea Ive been a fanboy since bhajis loops, and he hasnt disappointed me yet.

  • I’m so close to pulling the trigger on one of these. I’d love to see a vid of the drum machine app in use

  • great tool.I got it 2 days ago and I didn’t stop tweakling( dreaming inclusive…)It is fitting perfectly in my set up with Midi Commander & the rest of the connectors ,modulators & transformers.Serious stuff,people.Midi,midi…hmmm.

  • I have one and havn’t spent much time with it. A video demo of some of its capabilites would be great ‘though. C’mon guys, post some videos!

  • Yes, a brilliant tool, handy and very well executed. Also been a fanboy since Bhajis/Microbe :)

  • I use the Dispatcher fonction with my new Analog Four and this work like a charm !
    Now, I have a new polysynth in my set-up ! Awesome MIDIPal !

  • Waitwaitwait…. this new Electron thingie can’t be played polyphonic with onboard functionality??????

  • from their faq: “No poly mode will be available at launch. We are however thinking a lot about different approaches to this feature.” Seems rather silly to me.

  • WTF ? For that price ? Seems they save money on engineering .

  • What engineering?? Even for me writing a dispatcher thingie for 4 Voices Polyphony is a matter of one afternoon on a day i had not a too big party the evening before. And i am far far away from being a genius.

    Whats next? No MultiMode so all 4 voices must play the same Patch? The Sequencer is bound to 17 Step lengths? They use 5,56mm Jacks? Powered by Fennel – Carraway – Anis Tea? Accepts only parabolic scaled negative CVs?

    EDIT: It doesn’t matter what Jacks it has since there are no CV Ins to this Machine….

  • I think it has more to do with the integrated sequencer. How do you make an x0x style polyphonic sequencer?

  • It would seem to me the best option would have been to allow polyphonic ability without sequencer ability and worry about that in a later revision. At any rate, with all of the “analog’s-in-a-box” these days, this one fell short.

  • I sort of see their point here. Some people prefer not adding a feature if its implementation will not favorably compare to other products. 4 voices suck for polyphony, and their sequencer design does not seem to be the right interface for programming poly patterns. Consistency/quality of implementation over # of features…

  • OK, got the point. But its a bit disturbing because its just a few lines of Software that would allow polyphony.

  • I make it out around seven lines…

    10 Notes=1
    20 Print Notes
    30 Notes=Notes+1
    40 If Notes=5 GOTO 60
    50 GOTO 20
    60 Print Maximum notes reached, buy an Ambika
    70 END

  • notes=1

    DO PRINT notes INC notes
    LOOP UNTIL notes=5

    PRINT “Maximum notes reached, buy an Ambika” @

    But +1 for the Line Numbers, very old school

  • yeah, well that’s about the last time I did any real programming (Max doesn’t count)

  • Did someone say programmer? ;)

    The last time I did any programming there was a little triangle on screen we called a turtle.
    Little did I know I was predisposing myself to operate CADD for the rest of my life.

    At least now its “3D”.
    Thanks architecture.

  • Midipal: Saving Hardware synth engineers from themselves since 2012.

  • I’m kinda with Olivier on the Analog 4 sequencer. Elektron have a put a lot of time and effort into developing monophonic-sequencer-based products (one of their flagship products is called the Monomachine, after all), so the lack of polyphony doesn’t surprise me, to be honest. Their ‘parameter locks’ idea is pretty cool though- it essentially allows you to set every available parameter of a given patch to a different value on a per-step basis, which is pretty mind-blowing, and unique, to my knowledge. There are other analogue or good-sounding VA polysynths around, but none that offer such a flexible step-sequencer setup, so it doesn’t surprise me they’re playing to their established strengths with this new product.


  • but . . . but . . . but . .

  • Re the Electron, It is rather like the latest Dave Smith offering … what exactly does it want to be? 4 notes is not enough, yet too many to be thought as a monosynth. They both fall short, especially if you look at the price. Screw chaining two of Smith’s together just to get 8 notes, I have better ways to spend my money. + 1 for Ambika

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