Ambika "Pioneers" board run [all seats reserved]
  • @pichenettes can you please share ambika_nunchuk.hex? I’ve assembled the board but can’t compile firmware.

  • Note that the nunchuk board was started as an Ambika PORT7 peripheral but I have never wrote this part – it’s now MIDI, standalone, and abandoned…
  • october is fine with me … until then I have finished “rebuilding” my studio. And then I have enough audio and midi connectors again ;)

  • @pichenettes it works! Even with wireless nunchuk!

  • @schrab, Thats awesome! I should build me one of those. My 6 year old is a wiz with the Wii! Added to the list….

  • “remember to put a 10pF to 20pF cap there ; not 100pF” dangit! Hours short of making the change to the Mouser order. Hasty ordering proves once again to be the fail. Trip to Fry’s it is then!

  • @qp my son now playing with it plugged in shruthi. My isp network is damaged, will post details when internet will work (t9 sucks :)

  • Cool… if you can’t figure out from the code, there are 3 “apps” that can be switched by the button on the board.

    • App 1 “Drummer”: Shake for BD, shake + Z for SD. Use the joystick to select other pairs of instruments.
    • App 2 “Cyclo Sequencer”: Use joystick to select one of the 8 steps (one at each octant). Hold Z and move joystick to select the note, release Z and the note is assigned to the step. Shake to play the note and move to the next step.
    • App 3 “Droner”: Use joystick to transpose current note. Hold Z to freeze this note and use joystick to add another one on top of it and so on. Shake to retrigger a random subset of the notes in the chord.

    There are other unimplemented ideas in the notes.txt file…

  • Lol, with woice patch via shimmer reverb it looks like he is conducting the choir of dwarfs :D

  • Oh snap, may have to put mine together..

  • huh? what are you guys talking about?

  • Ambika used to have a daughterboard with a Nunchuk port, but I discontinued the development. The code and a few boards are still around.

  • Olivier, to use a North American phrase, you may have just opened a can of worms!

  • Now any of us can put it in plastic tube with shruthi and speaker…

  • argh, missed this post until too late! Well if there’s a pioneer 2 batch or someone bails out before the boards are delivered let me know.

  • Gang, I would truly love to be a part of the pioneer’s run, but I just can’t justify the expense right now. Please forgive me. Blame the fucking economy and the rich greedy bankers that torpedoed our futures.

    I don’t know what it’s like everywhere else, but here it’s like 2008 all over again… I thought we we beyond this misery already. Guess not. Anyway, count me out until I get a few jobs.

  • Here it is :)

    800 x 577 - 260K
    800 x 591 - 271K
  • That’s the motion plus not the nunchuk?

  • Is that supposed to look like a capybara?

  • It’s capybarish wireless nunchuk receiver.

  • I don’t want to derail this thread but just a quick answer for titus:

    Life is very cheap today, if you don’t believe me, let’s take a rendez-vous in 5 years,
    you’ll see higher prices for food, petrol, renting costs and so on…
    And a day will come when we’ll make PCBs for chineses
    and they will be Ebay buyers, not sellers !

    I just pray that they don’t find any huge amount of petrole under their ground…this would accelerate process !
    The only remaining question is:either india or china will win ?

    yes, my vision for the future is full of happyness. :-)
    Have a nice day, make babies, and please, don’t derail this thread !

  • Hmm, so the nunchuck board was designed as a peripheral for the ambika? I guess that means the ambika has been on the drawing board for a while. Now that we’ve seen the 2 of the “4 or 5 projects” you work on simultaneously, I’m very interested in what else is in the works.. Considered making NAMM plans by any chance?

  • It originally was, so I did not implement an SPI interface for it. Yes Ambika has been in the works since april 2011

    NAMM is not the right place for a kit business. People try your product, “I want it”, “Sorry it’s only available as a DIY kit”, “But will you build it for me?” and you see where this is ending… I am not sure I’ll have developed the “non kits” side for this year’s NAMM. Maybe.

  • Is it still possible to get in on the pioneer phase?

  • I took the last seat I think.

  • Yes it’s too late… I will also build a board myself to bring the latest revision to SDIY UK.

  • Hello pichenettes, if for some reason a spot is open on the pioneer build please add me to the waiting queue. Cheers !

  • Id love to be added to the (already growing) queue of extra people interested if someone in the main 25 people for some reason have to abandon ship :)

  • Congratulations pioneers! I will be living vicariously through you for a few months… please post a lot with lots of build pictures.

  • I plan on snapping the whole process, followed by a video of it in action and me with the biggest toetapping grin! Cannot friggin wait! Is my bday present to me. Don’t fret Titus. You too will bask in the Ambika glory.

  • Oh yeah, no doubt! I’m just waiting for business to pick up. I am <presently> optimistic. What looked like an entire year of shit, at last inspection appeared to be only 45 days of nothing. I tend to overreact.

    Perhaps the end of the Mayan calendar is still a few years away?

  • qp I hope you’re going to keep this? Or are you just building it for the building?

  • @ Titus, HELL YEAH IM KEEPING IT! Been wanting another poly for a bit. I was about to build a 3 voice shruthi poly with an official frankdaniels™ case, then this came along. Cannot wait!

  • The last synth I bought was a P08. Had this happened a year ago, things would have been different. I like the P08, but I bet the Ambika runs circles around it…

    Olivier, we need to get beyond the “needs a keyboard” thing. It can’t be that hard to source the keybeds and build around them? Can it?

  • One approach is to cannibalize a keyboard or controller and write your own scanner using an arduino or the likes. This guy did it with a picbasic. An even easier way is to cannibalize a MIDI controller. I’m pretty sure it’ll be cheaper than trying to source a keybed from a proper supplier in low-volume.

    In both cases, you’ll need a MIDI merger if you want to keep an external MIDI out. Or at the very least have a local / external MIDI switch.

  • Doepfer sells some, 45€ for 2 octaves, 70€ for 3, 100€ for 4.

  • There is a midibox keyboard project now as well if you REALLY want to get into it: LPC17 core, MBHP_DIO module and Fatar DR keybed compatible

  • Local off is essential.

  • For your non-DIY line, you have got to fit the Ambika with a super-fine ultra lush Fatar keybed man. It’s a must have. Beyond that, the sky is the limit but I think it has to start with a keybed as an option, at least.

  • just some words for guys not in “pionneer run”:
    you’ll wait a little more to have your ambika but it will surely have more features and/or an updated firmware.
    and take this advice: find a huge workplace for soldering and assembling !
    I’ve got all components except boards and AVRs and it’s nearly 500g of parts and bags full of caps or resistors…
    ...i hope my ambika will never fall on my feet !

    for keyboards, you don’t need a merger as long as you choose a keyboard with midi IN included like m-audio axiom pro series.
    (i know this kind of keyboard is way more expensive than any midi merger but the “touch” feeling is fantastic and they have many
    assignable controllers).

  • Any preview date for payment request ?

    And one thing more, any chance to see the stepseq edition available through CC or NRPN parameter for the 32 step (note, seq 1, seq 2). I know this means 96 parameters so probably NRPN rather than CC …

    One question I also wonder, on preset load, are all the CC and/or NRPN parameters sent out on the MIDI Out ?

  • I’ll get the boards this week, but I won’t have the time to handle the shipping of orders and the (tedious) flashing of chips; and I’m very slowly recovering from some bad bugs I got. Then there’s SDIY UK, then I’m taking 4 days of vacations, so I will start handling the shipping of those boards near the 29th.

    • Yes, sequencer data is editable by NRPN. The NRPN map is defined here – the number means the parameter ID from the big parameters struct a few lines below ; 254 means that it’s directly editing the byte at the corresponding offset of the Part data structure ; 255 means it’s not supported.
    • When a preset is loaded, the unit does not send its whole setup by CC.

  • Are chips included? I thought it was just PCBs?

    You sound like you could do with a break to recharge your batteries. I think we should do so at the same time :)

  • You’ll have the choice to have the chips or just the bare boards.

  • I’ll take boards, fish and chips. :)

  • yay around 29th is just perfect timing!

  • Board & chips for me. (with spicy ketchup)

  • Any chance of pickled eggs? Anyway, malt vinegar is essential for the chips…

  • In my diary.


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