Getting nowhere with tuning
  • Just got the replacement 165 for the control board, everything seems to be working fine on that end. I’m trying to get the filter tuned correctly now, but I don’t know if I’m doing it right or even hearing the ‘correct’ sound. Here’s a sample:

    And another sample using the default patch (tweaked the cut off frequency, it’s very wonky). I noticed that the note doesn’t change when playing each half step up the octave. This is a problem with filter tuning, right?

    Picture of the filter board:

    And once again, thanks. Hopefully this can be sorted out, I really want to play with it! So very frustrating.

  • — deleted — I wasn’t paying attention (clearly).

  • Looks like there’s a bad solder point somewhere since:

    • You don’t get self oscillation
    • The sound is very distorted / glitchy
  • All the components look fine then? I’ll give it another look, thanks!

  • No I can’t see any swapped part values.

  • At least I did something right :)
    I got it all tuned up now! Everything seems to work fine except there’s no difference in tone when going from an E to an F, B to C, or any half step up from another note for that matter.They’re all bunched together!

  • I messed with the keyboard settings, didn’t realize it saved them. Switch ‘Keyboard raga’ to equal to fix it. Pretty dumb on my part :\

  • What did you have to do to fix the self oscillation?

  • I looked over my soldering job and found a couple places only half filled with solder on some of the ICs. Couldn’t tell any future shruthi owners who may encounter the same problem which one it was though.
    I do, however, admit to going a bit too fast on that portion. So many pins!