Features request for next firmware versions...
  • OK, what about this:

    An additional arpeggiator mode called something like “smartarp.” The selected arpeggio pattern will not activate unless there is more than one note to play, ie. an octave range greater than 1 is selected and/or more than 1 incoming MIDI note is played.

    This is how the arpeggiator works by default on another synth I’ve used and I’ve found it very useful for playing basslines and leads, then sneaking some arps in there by playing a chord.

  • Realy tasty those new operator modes in OS 0.96!
  • Is there anyway to make an arp have an attack or decay? Im thinking blondie arps here where you play the chord and a few seconds later the chord starts arping.
  • Is there anyway to display the original parameter of a patch (the saved parameter) while the parameter value is being edited? Is there room on the LCD for it, or could the value displayed alternate between original/new in a way that makes sense?

    I like this feature on other synths that I have.

  • @herrprof: what would happen before the arp starts to kick in? It’s not a polysynth…

    @titus: the shruthi has only one editing buffer, so it’s not possible to keep in memory both the “actual” patch, and a copy of the preset.

  • @pichenettes: is there enough room somewhere to temporarily store the preset value for the currently selected parameter and display that during editing somehow?

    You would not need to buffer the whole preset, just each time a new parameter is changed fetch that parameter value from the preset then dump it and move on…

  • EEPROM communication is blocking, so the CPU freezes and audio playback is interrupted for 1 or 2 ms when a preset is loaded. You don’t want that to happen all the time.

  • @pichenettes good point.. uh lowest note priority? or just do single note arps only in this mode? I'm just thinking of a way to do SUSTAINED NOTE, wait a few seceonds START PLAYING 16th NOTES in tempo
  • Actually, my “smartarp” suggestion would kinda cover herr_prof’s delayed arp request: play that note you want sustained, hold it for as long as you want, play the other note(s) to start the arp. :D

  • But then I couldn't do a single note arp. On second thought I think I could just fake it in the mod matrix, and have an lfo that re-triggers the initial amp envelope to give the illusion of arpeggiating.
  • Hi everybody.
    One feature i'd like to see is an EMS trapezoid envelope type (AHDH) which would loop when the 2nd hold is not turned all the way up (like on an synthi)
    I know the actual code memory is full but do you think it could be possible to do a code mod to replace the ADSR by this one? (i'm a noob in coding stuffs)
  • Have you tried using the LFO > envelope sync? The custom LFO waveforms? Processing a LFO through an operator? You can get something close to that through those approaches…

  • yes i did this tweaks but i don't retrieve the timing and behavior i'd like (or maybe i'm doing it wrong). I know it's a matter of taste :D.
    I used to do a bit of coding few years ago (seems far far away to me), do you think that this mod could be difficult for somebody who's not deep into programming? if not i would be up to try something.
  • Thx ;), i'll give it a try
  • moving this from the 4 Pole Mission thread so as to have it in the proper place. :)

    I'd really like to see CC #'s for Filter Type and Resonance Type for the 4 Pole Mission Filter board in a future rev.

    I'm using Numerology to sequence notes as well as CC values. having the ability to switch, in time; the wave shapes, wave balance & operator modes makes for some great drones, adding the filter type and resonance type on top would be ace!
  • @curbsitter: the filter mode switch in the 4PM is noisy and clicky – by design. There are better switches than the 4051 / 4053, but they are hard to source / expensive / available only in SMT or a combination of all. So even if you get a CC for that, it won’t mean you’ll be able to sequence it. It’ll work but sound glitchy.

  • Depends if you want to sequence it or use it live? you can always cut out or mute such clicks in a recording.

  • One suggestion-the current system (0.96) resets channel volume whenever a patch is changed-if you're using MIDI channel volume to manage output levels then this is a bit of a pain as you have to wiggle the external MIDI volume fader to resend volume levels each time you change a patch. Would it be possible for the next OS version to remember the most recently received channel volume level whenever patches are changed?
  • @curbsitter. If you really want to sequence filter types on an Xpander filter then you want this....

  • Or add channel volume as a patch parameter.
  • @pichenettes: I'm all for clicks and glitches. Form before function and function before form. I'm more interested in making rhythmic textures with this little jewel and that "feature" of the 4051/4053 sound right up my alley! :)

    (OT) @gwaidan: I use the 8 waveforms of the Livewire AFG oscillator and patch that into the 8 seperate I/O/s of the A-152 8-way multiplexer and from there into the single input of an A-106-6 xp filter into the 8 seperate I/O/s of yet another A-152 8-way multiplexer giving me 64 CV-able combinations of waveform/filter type which I then use multiple modulation sources to produce the rhythms in the analogue realm!
  • “gwaidan 1 day ago

    One suggestion-the current system (0.96) resets channel volume whenever a patch is changed-if you’re using MIDI channel volume to manage output levels then this is a bit of a pain as you have to wiggle the external MIDI volume fader to resend volume levels each time you change a patch. Would it be possible for the next OS version to remember the most recently received channel volume level whenever patches are changed?”


  • Would it be possible to make multiples of ext tempo available for arp/seq? So additionally to ext tempo you could choose ext*2, ext*4, etc? That way you could make blippy chiptune arps synced to bpm :)

  • This is not possible without a lot of work.

  • @flip: if you are not a 100% hardware guy and have a computer around, you could use puredata to get a “*x clock” for the shruthi from your main clock. i was playing around with similar stuff in the last days and i think it is pretty easy to archive.

  • I thought the midipal could do this. Or is that just clock division?

  • The MIDIpal does only division, no PLL.

  • Hmm, OK thanks everyone, I think I’ll have to do this with an external sequencer then. Time to finish my MBSEQv4! :)
    @loderbast: I only use computers for recording nowadays, and I don’t really want to go back to making music on the computer again. PD is very nice though, I should play around with it again some time :)

  • Back to the original question : What do you mean by tempo? The arpeggiator already lets you 2 * the bpm tempo to get 8th notes rather than quarter notes. This doesn’t require a PLL for the midi timeclock as presumably its just triggering at half of the 24ppqn rate – or every 12th pulse.

  • presumably at the expense of some of the other BPM rates, a *4 and *8 could be added in a custom built firmware version if you wanted to do that. As long as they are based off of the 24ppqn midi clock pulses

  • The external clock is 24ppqn. The BPM/arpeggiator needs pulses at 4 ppqn. You can thus do x2 without PLL (8 is a divisor of 24), and there is already the x2 option; but you cannot do x4 without PLL because 16 is not a divisor of 24, qed. x3 and x6 could be done without PLL.

  • Of course. There are 16 steps per bar already without any tempo multiplication. Sorry for confusing things.

  • Thanks for the answers, I really didn’t notice that there are already *2, /4 and /8 modes, because the steps are so tiny you have to use the encoder instead of the pot to select them. D’oh :) If its not a big problem, additional *3 and *6 would be funky :)

  • Have we ever talked about CC out as a modulation destination? It would be cool to have some periodic cc controllable by the lfo or sequencer or to be able to use the 4 cv ins to control other gear in the chain..

  • +1 for cc out as modulation destination

  • Yes, cc out sounds tasty!

    And bump for my proposed arp mode that no one commented on at all! :P

  • I can’t find mention of it, but I’d love ‘fine’ to be a modulation destination for a single oscillator, so that a subtly modulated osc can beat against a steady osc. It’s a good trick for string synth stuff. The current osc1/osc2 destinations are a bit coarse.

  • I just noticed a recently posted beta of .97
    Anything we should know about this one, Olivier?

  • Just the envelope attack thing.

  • Is there any chance of a 3rd envelope?
    I’m probably lazy, but I often want to modulate more than the typical vca and cutoff with envelopes without having to do LFO tricks (probably used to the 3rd envelope on my trusted ASR-10)

  • Possibility to set fm oscillator as modulation destination.

  • Any feature that requires new parameters are doomed because a/ the patch datastructure is fulled and this will break the patch format if it is changed (so you’ll have to piggyback on existing params, and it’s hard to do for a 3rd envelope) : b/ seriously, you don’t find the UI too crowded?

    You can already control the FM index in the mod matrix, what do you have in mind about FM?

  • Is there any chance of getting the “parameter display” hack for the XT programmer into an official Shruthi-1 firmware version? I would like to avoid using a patched “non standard” firmware for future compatibility.

  • I have a maybe weird questIon. I use the shruthi together with an urzwerg sequencer. I would like to able to use the duo mode on 2 separate sequences. That would require the 2 oscillators to have 2 different midi channels.
    I understand if it is a to weird one trick pony future to implement and i should just build another shruthi.

  • Parameter display hack is in 0.97 beta and will be kept.

    @shiftr: the Shruthi-1 was designed to be a monosynth, mono-part synth. All those assumptions are hard-coded. The workaround for the pseudo duophony is not pretty, and I don’t want to do the other modifications. Maybe you could use a MIDI channel remapper from the Urzwerg output to route both tracks to the Shruthi-1 ; or maybe just but the Shruthi-1 in omni mode?

  • I could probably do it with a midipal right? I did’t try omni mode yet.. it’s something different but it will probably have interesting results!

  • Why should omni-mode be different from merging the two channels together?

  • The urzwerg sends midi on 4 adjacent channels. So putting it in omni mode will send 4 different sequences sort of randomly to the 2 oscillators. I normally use 2 tracks on the urzwerg for drums. So merging only 2 channels will make the shruthi react only to the firsth 2 sequences. But the 4 sequences together still might be cool!

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