Census of successfully assembled kits
  • 4 Pole Mission ok
    shruti power
  • @stimresp
    no it should be horizontal, like the panel and pcb. you probably have pushed it a little bit too deep while soldering the connector. this happened to me too once, if you’re fast desolderer you can heat up the whole row of headers with solder wick and pull it out a little again. required 4-5 steps for me to do it without destroying anything. after that i resoldered the pins one by one to make sure there’s good joints and no bridges

  • Finished my 4pm last night -- beautiful sound! It went pretty well for my first electronics project in decades. Had a lot of trouble installing the trimpots -- the holes are really small.

    The only real problem I had was with the LCD. Turned out to be bad solder joints: I think was rushing to finish, as everything else had gone so well. But I somehow thought it was a bad trimpot, made a mess of removing it, and finally recovered with a strategically placed resistor to replace it.

    Thanks to TitusRaindrops for encouraging me (at the Gearslutz forum) to get the 4pm, and advising me on tools.
  • SMR-4 ok
    SMR-4 MKII + Frank Daniels Programmer ok
    4 Pôles Mission ok

    I’m just beginning a Moog Slim Phatty style midi programmer with SparkFun led ring encoder and Arduino Uno board.


  • Hello

    My first shruthi 4 Pôles Mission and the polikovs made for me by my friend Geishaballs!

    4 Pôles Mission sounds amazing.
  • One SRM4 Shruthi completed and working perfectly, one 4PM kit on its way...
  • (SRM4 Mk II that is...) (edit: SMR4 mk II even ;))
  • my last, polivoks, with his false brother…
    thinking a moment to sell the sammich, but they are so cute together….

    common point are too the two have faulty encoders provided in the two kits… too bad…but they will wait like this, as not unusable..

  • SMR4 mk2 Shruthi from last batch just finished. Wasp-XT programmer on the way, pictures coming soon !
  • Finished this one up for my main man KeFF, with big thanks to qp and piscione for the LED tips:

    No idea what batch this was from since KeFF bought the kit from someone in the UK… when I initially booted it, it had firmware v0.91 on it though! OLD! Updated to v0.96 without any issues using C6 and my bullshit Chinese USB MIDI cable. :D

  • Hey, lookin good! Now we just need some hydraulics to bounce the it to the BPM. And maybe some curb feelers!

  • Finally finished Shruthi #2 (IR3109 Filter). Sourced the wrong audio jacks. No clue what batch the digital board came from since I had bought them from mutante back in march.

  • Finally…. a Shruthi-1 4 Pole Mission with the Filter of Filters.
    Enclosure is slightly more transparent then the one provided with the Kits, i have replaced the Wolf by the Stations Graphics – the Beast hides underneath…..

  • Just finished last night Polivoks ....
    First test : no light at alll then nearly all leds on ..... Oh oh what's the problem ?
    What a moron, the biggest chip (ATMega) in the wrong way ...
    Indeed if anybody's got a tip to remove safely a chip, because I nearly broke a leg ....

    2nd test : 2 Leds and no problem with switching , Ok !
    Last Problem, get the Lcd. I had to turn R21 in both sides to find how it works ...

    All is Ok and what a great and gnarly sound !!! Thank you again olivier !
  • @flavalf, take a small flat bladed screwdriver and stick under one side on the chip and very carefully twist until the chip pops out a little. The other side along the header is harder but if you find a way to get a little leverage, pry that side up slightly too. Then go back to other side and slide the screwdriver under the chip, carefully lifting up. Then back to other side found the same. Eventually it will pop out. Sometimes a leg may bend. No worries, just take a pair of players and straighten it back out. The trick is to remove it by popping it out rather than trying to pull it out In the event a leg does break, use a bit of leftover leads from an LED and solder on a new leg.

  • the best tools I’ve found for removing ICs from sockets are dental picks, I found my set for less than $10 at a computer store

  • Best for removing DIL ICs is a Ausziehpinzette

  • @qp & defenestration : Ok, I've got the idea of leverage, I used tweezers ....

    @fcd72 : thanks for the link ( besides I've got a conrad account .... )
  • @fcd72 I have one of those devices, too. It can still be tricky though. I’ve had particularly stubborn ICs I’ve still ended up using the screwdriver technique with, and also ones where pins have bent, even using it.


  • Shruthi-1 Four Pole Mission Edition from the first batch.

    Building was easy with Reichelt’s common parts as they put every part to separate plastic bag and label it -waste of materials, but makes building quick and easy.
    Biggest help of course were marks at 4-PM circuit boards. I needed to watch directions much less than last time.

    It works perfectly -right after i connected second connector as well… :P

  • Well, finished last night my third Shruthi in a month :4Pole mission.
    A little bit tricky ( more resistors and caps ) than the other, but always clear and well-build .....
    Just, I guess you know that awkard moment, while soldering, you realize ONE resistor ( the 47k ) is missing 'cause you didn't check correctly your order.
    So you have to make a choice :
    - make an order for 1 resistor ?
    - Wait more than a week to go to a local electronic store ( 'cause you're out next week and right now it's closed ) ?
    - Crying ?
    No, just have to look in an old Hifi Amp if there's not a little 47k resistor in it, and ..... I felt Lucky, after less than 10 tests I've foud one ( with 5%, but nevermind .... )
    And so 4Pole mission accomplished !!!
    A very rich and evolutive sound, one more time. Definetely, totally shruthi addict
  • Shruthi 1, 4 pole mission completed.

    Well it is up and working just trying to decide what colour LEDs I want for the eyes of the beast before putting it all together.

    Decisions, decisions........
  • batch10 shruthi-1SMR-4 completed and working never done any soldering like this before only thing i have soldered was cables so easy. very fast shipping to Newzealand i must say.

    bye bye modular, now completely a shruthi convert. now only if there was a full 4pole kit.

  • I'm out of power supplies, so the smr-4 shruthi is not powered :)


    ps. one led got wrong polarity and fried the 74hc165
  • Finished my 4 Pole and it’s awesome. I struggled with a few things but everything worked out.
    One hole on the right side of the case was never drilled.

    640 x 480 - 43K
  • Completed my Shruthi-1 4pm, works perfect, I love it. Thank you so much.

    My case was also missing the hole on the right side of the face, and the plastic is arrived with a crack, however the rest of it is in perfect working condition.

  • One more Shurthi-1 for me, just finished a 4PM. Very smooth build, sounds incredible, not one problem this time, except for dodgy swedish suppliers that never delivered the last parts of the order, had to second source from what will now be my first source of components. And my enclosure was fine, no “undrilled” holes, or uncut for that matter… Thanks Olivier!

  • Just finished my Shruthi-1 with SMR-4 MKII board (batch #10). Smooth build, only a partly drilled hole at right side of the front panel and a small part of front side panel edge missing (broken ?).

    My real problem was my own electronic parts stock. I’ve finished soldering with only 1 inch left of solder wire :]

    Synth sounds like expected: very nice. So many possibilities packed in such a tiny box.

    Thanks Olivier for this great project !

    800 x 598 - 157K
  • Just finished my 4pm (second kit batch). Sounds awesome!

  • My First Shruthi-1 (4PM) finished – no dog eyes yet, but fully operational. Build went smoothly (though a few control board holes were slightly tight). Worked right away.

  • Batch 10 Shruthi-1 SMR4 finished in 5 hours, working 100% and sounding GREAT!
    Thanks Olivier

  • I Mounted successfully my 4PM shruthi! Tried it few hours and it sound really good! And the polar candy supplied with it was sweet! ;-)
    A small comment on the mounting of the 4pm board. We should not forget to solder a wire for short-circuiting the R1,R2, and SW in case we don’t install these gain pots and power switches!
    I think it is not mentioned in the Build it section for the 4pm!
    And even if i’m working in the electronics field, i lost one hour (with the scope) to follow the signal pass.
    The good point is that i had to look and start to understand the 4pm filter schematic!
    Finally, i added the R2 trimmer to be able to set occasionally the output volume (to avoid the opening of the box for this, i drilled a 2.5 mm hole in front of R2)

    Any way, thanks Olivier for these nice diy synth!

  • Shruthi-1 SMR4 MK II (batch 10 – order #2844) finished three weeks ago, but i forgot to mentioned it here!
    Thank you for your support, i love this synth, i love this board.

    Awesome little synth!!!

    1632 x 1224 - 589K
  • Batch 10: Shruthi-1 SMR4 MKII
    Occasional note hanging but i think it may just be my midi jack soldering (as i did a bit of a dodgy job). otherwise working great. Only gripe was all LED’s were same color (yellow and no red led for the far right one) and incorrect screws for case.
    Saving up for my next kit.

    Thanks for all

    960 x 960 - 116K
  • sorry pich’ dunno the batches :( But I have 3 shruthis at home that all work perfect: 1x smr4 mkII, 1x polivoks, 1x 4PM (finished last night) I also own the midi pal and a sidekick with CEM board. And I cannot wait for your next big clou! Maybe a huge poliphonic with 4 or 8 voices? =D


    P.S. Olivier, you’re the greatest :)

  • Batch 9, working great !

  • 4PM up and running. Not sure the batch, but my order # was 3008. Pretty easy build. Lots of fun so far, almost too many decisions to make when programming.

    I’m missing the same screw as kingrhythm above — will notify Olivier about this (as suggested in another thread).

  • Growing up family with 4PM! :o)

    Shruthi family.JPG
    800 x 600 - 149K
  • Just finished a 4PM kit.
    Inserted one IC the wrong way, but no damage done. Had one bad solder point which could be found with Olivier’s help. I even soldered my first SMD LED ever.
    Great little synth which sounds amazing.

  • 4 Pole Mission – just rolled off the bench and into the studio….functioning 100% A.OK!
    I’ve built lots of synth kits down the years Paia, Blacet, X0X’s et.al and I think that the 4PM has to be my favourite – Totally Awesome – Mutable Instr. Rock!! thank you so much…. :-)

  • finished Shruti 4PM kit.
    I had some trouble with the filterboard switching modes/poles off. solved by using a 2A switched power supply instead of a 640mA supply. ...lots of bright LEDs on that thing.
    i really like the filter sounds and bass. this thing is a killer! well made.

    shruti-1 4pm antistatik 01.jpg
    1280 x 960 - 143K
  • My first Shruthi – and it’s a 4PM from the first batch of kits :-). A BIG thanks goes to jojjelito who sent me a transistor that I had lost when unpacking my Reichelt bag… you rock!

    1024 x 768 - 243K
  • Aww, glad to be of service! Congrats to your first Shruthi :)

  • Just got my 4PM working! I believe it’s the second batch, is there any way to check?
    Blew the 165 initially and spent an awful week waiting for a replacement. Also had trouble with the filter, but upon pichenettes suggestion I checked over my soldering and found a couple spots I had missed.

    Anyway, I’m currently eating my victory candy and enjoying the hell out of it! Completely worth the effort.

  • Got my two 4PM’s completed a couple of days ago, first batch. The only problem I had was putting in the little red SMT led for the eye on one of the units. It’s so small I almost lost it. But they sound great and look excellent. :-)
    Also I completed a couple of dual SVF cards a week before that had been waiting to be soldered for far too long.

  • number 2 & 3 (cool green lcd’s twin case ) next to number 1 broke the back pannel for my case so thats not on yet

    shruthi-1 green.jpg
    1786 x 1342 - 981K
  • finished 2x shruthi-1 4pm

    on one of them i fried the 165,,,, replaced it and now it’s working great…

    4mp x2.jpg
    640 x 427 - 30K
  • hi there!

    first Shruthi from batch 1 assembled successfully, lot of fun for mounting the kit, lot of fun playing then with it :)

    thus it strongly contaminated my friend geishaballs who managed to gather the bom and enclosures for 2 ssm2044 new Shruthis, one for each other

    then, my third one recently assembled : a 4pm great synth

    all are in great shape and waiting for a 4th fellow with ms20 card

    3 shruthis.jpg
    1280 x 721 - 320K
  • Finished the 4 PM kit, it took me quite a while, this was my first electronics project so I went very slowly.
    I’m glad I followed the advice on assembly instructions and first practiced soldering on a few cheap kits (drawdio and metro-gnome from sparkfun).

    I found the resistors with the very tiny solder rings were the hardest to solder, but all went well, didn’t break anything, and the synth is now working perfectly!!!

    Now on to build my own midi controller for the beast!

    960 x 720 - 51K

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