Don't be a tease, give me a squeeze!
  • As far as i am concerned after spending some time with a Proto i can confirm its the single piece of equipment that makes me think strange things as “Do i really need all of that gear when i can have this one?” and “Is this particular classic piece of equipment really as desireable as it was before i saw/heard this thing?”. Scary, isn’t it?
    Trust me: you want one.

  • @fcd72: What are you doing here shouldn’t you be on holiday? Anyway… good that I’m selling some gear now, might need that money later :)

  • Just sell your girl to traveling gypsies when its time – you won’t need her anymore ;-)

  • hahahaha!
    oh wait… she is a travelling gypsy!

  • Ah, where did you get sold to her?

  • while on holidays. I went to Austria… weird place…

  • Don’t worry Titus – I knew as well ;-)

    Squeeze Box

    ...and now back to the main feature :-)


  • What’s this about squeezing gypsies? I leave you people alone here for a few days and the whole conversation goes to hell!

  • I liked the American Girls song. Don’t know about the plastic titties though, gave Atlantic City a miss so far.

    But, if the new box doesn’t do SNMP mibs or runs Hadoop I have to think about it for a microsecond…

  • When you’re not using it, it runs SETI@home.

  • When you’re not using it, it sends signals that confuse SETI@home

  • Not that searching for alien life (think I found some under my bed) isn’t worthwhile, but it should be running Folding@Home, solve cancer, bring prosperity to all and fix world peace. Then we can deal with the ETs.

    I’m happy as long as it confuses me by being bad-ass :)

  • I, for one, think it’s a bad idea to communicate with aliens. If we manage to find the type of civilization we’re looking for with SETI it will have achieved its galactic civilization through exploitation, coercion, and cruelty (look in the mirror for a plausible example). It is so unlikely that advanced alien civilizations would ever be benevolent and friendly neighbors that the odds are too small to express. We are better off quiet, alone, and praying that we’re never found.

  • The last time i heard about SETi@home or Folding@home was back when i was at RWTH – about 10 years ago. Be assured the new thingy is absolutely up to Date.

  • Peter Jackson got it right in his old movie Bad Taste: the aliens will make fast food from us! Nom nom nom…

  • Bah, Jackson was way behind. The sci-fi series V in the 1980s (not the remake) had the same idea. We were being gathered as food.

  • Yeah, but Jackson was funny. V was unintentionally funny since it was so cheesy and poorly made.

  • There had a very old episode from the Twilight Zone (“how to serve the man” i guess) on the same theme.
    <img src=“”>

  • Nah. We have way more value to some other civilization than just a food source. We will be put to work.

    Actually, there has been al lot written about the illusion of free will. We already work all of our lives away anyway, many of us with no particular discernable purpose, so maybe they’re already here and they are just not detectible in the traditional sense.

    Ever wonder why you do the things you do?

  • How do you put a picture on the forum ? DO you have to use html ? phpbb ?
    <img src=“” />

  • We exist to serve our feline and silicon overlords. Gotta go clean the litterbox. If I don’t look like I love I’ll probably get mauled. Then some computer probably has to updated or otherwise tended to.

    How can working for some ET be worse?

  • @snk – enclose the hyperlink in exclamation marks.

  • Talking to The Twilight Zone, Ray Bradbury, who wrote some of the episodes (as well as Fahrenheit 451, among many other books and short stories) just died. RIP Ray..


  • That must have been what got me thinking about the aliens…

    I think it was Carl Sagan that said we might want to think twice before stumbling into the intergalactic meat market. I’ll have to look for that.

    Edit: If you read about how SETI works, what specifically they’re looking for and how they arrived at the parameters they’re using, it’s kind of scary. That’s another link I’ll have to find… someone’s hierarchy of civilizations etc. etc.

  • Titus: You seem to share your opinion with the Stephen Hawking. I remember reading him saying same thing some time ago. (That we shouldn’t even try to search them as they would probably be hostile.)

    IMHO, problem is that many ET races know earth very well already. Also many ppl. think that whole human civilization is experiment of the aliens! There were no missing link between apes and humans (or it was very short period) because our genes were altered by ET’s.
    Most religions are started by humans worshiping aliens aka. “star brothers” and their technology… bible has numerous incidents that are related to that.
    Caves and old paintings are full of pictures of UFO’s / aliens. And then.. there is Nazca lines .

    They have been here all the time. It’s rather new opinion that they wouldn’t exist at all and ppl. who see those are delusional. We should thank CIA at the 50’s for that. The Robertson panel @

    Ridicule of the UFO phenomenon was their tactic to handle the problem so that human society would continue living their life normally – no matter if few people sees UFO’s occasionally – they wouldn’t probably dare to tell anyone without being scared to loose their jobs. Or getting funny reputation. And the rest would think those are nonsense.

    It would be real miracle if beings that are technically hundreds of thousands or even millions of years ahead of us, wouldn’t be spiritually more developed too. IMHO, alien races are spiritually somewhere between god (/gods) and humans.
    It might be impossible to us understand how much more developed they are because our minds are so limited. I guess that most aliens know how to use telepathy, travel in time and between dimensions, just to name few obvious skills. How about materialize/dematerialize? We can only guess.

    Anyway, i am almost sure that they are not limited to our level and having problems like we normally have here on earth. So, i wouldn’t bother myself with scary thoughts that they would conquer world or something. They are more like babysitters to us, watching that we don’t destroy ourselves.

  • I am wondering how this thread got so totaly derailed.
    Is that because the Master Of Derailment is back from vacation?

  • Yes. He generates very strong field effect flux vortices which cause people to derail perfectly good threads.

    Notice how normal it was for about ten days?

  • this is the perfect proof that they are already among us. a mere human being could never generate such a strong derailment field!

  • Bring back those alien detector t-shirts :)

  • Must wear my tin-foil hat today :)

  • Remember, the shiny side of the foil goes on the OUTSIDE.

  • Faraday cage to be sure.

  • It’s life Jim but not as we know it!


  • It is a common misconception that aluminium foil is adequate shielding from alien mind control. I’ve already discussed the only certain method and I can’t believe that none of you are wearing one. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

  • ....around 16-18 years ago, on two separate occasions, in two distinct geographical places (~600 miles apart) I suffered from a couple of instances of very intense and unsuspected sleep paralysis. It was quite terrifying and I had no idea what it was until maybe 10 years later. Then a couple of years ago I watched The Fourth Kind which is the scariest movie I’ve ever seen and I refuse to watch it again! ;-)

  • I wished this thread could somehow be back on topic again … :-(

  • I just wanted to state that i had nothing to do with this particular Derailment™ !

  • Must be just your presence then Frank.

  • Yep let’s get back on topic! So, Frank, tell us what this thing is all about :D

  • Its all about Magic!

  • Ok, to get it back on track, here’s a quote from the matrixsynth interview:

    “Something that will replace, in the long run, the Shruthi-1 – and in which I’m trying to address most of the shortcomings and design decisions of the Shruthi-1. This is a more ambitious, risky, project as I’m trying to squeeze in a lot of very new features, and design it in such a way that some parts of the project can be interchanged, with both a SMT version for industrial manufacturing and still a through- hole variant for DIYers. While avoiding reinventing too much and keeping it close to the Shruthi sound. Ready in 6 months? 1 year? I don’t know.”

  • So… Is that it ?

  • i wonder what shortcomings of the shruthi oliviere is talking about in the interview. No brain interface? Doesn’t fly to the moon? I cant think of any other “shortcomings”

  • Nobody is going to further analyze what can be read from the LCD on the photos?

    We just have to put two and two together. Where did I leave my Occam’s razor?

  • Well, the lcd is longer, so there’s room for more knobs. But what are all the blinkenlights on the out-of-focus picture?

  • my guess is a shruthi-6 (monomachine)?

  • If you ask me (and I know you won’t because you all think I’m crazy) I think there is a MI conspiracy. How else could Olivier release ‘out of this world’ devices. Lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice and recently, both discussions regarding new mutable devices have ended up being derailed and about aliens. Coincidence? ;-) FWIW, speculation abound, I think it could be a 6 voice multitimbral device with different filters per pair of outputs…..

  • those six clock ins are just for lunetta compatibility. it will be half a 4046 VCO with a digital filter.

  • If Frank says buy it, buy it. I will. :) Time to save the $$$.

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