• qp is swimming in Lake Michigan...
  • @Muldee:
    i accidentally moved you. sorry for that. i clicked undo, but i am not sure if it worked.

    if it is possible, someone should disable the possibility to move other people (without even clicking edit first)
    this is fun though

  • Just zoom in!

  • There should be a link somewhere on the main site… or a sticky.

  • Awrite beyotches! Sweden has the northernmost users so far. Wonder if there’s a Shruthi up in Luleå or if Canada or Alaska will trump this?

  • I have the western-most Shruthis on the planet.

  • We should get a party going :)

  • Good thing there are none in the southern hemisphere or we would have to deal with the dreaded coriolis effect.

  • Hello I’m back and added my mark! :)

  • I always wonder what it would sound like when you reverse the flow of the Shruthi’s waveforms. Wonder if it turns out to be an incantation to Satan or Natas just like the alleged heavy-metal records of yore?

  • If you zoom in on my pin you will see that I am standing exactly on top of the site of the old Sodium Reactor Experiment. The ground is contaminated and has been covered with black plastic. That’s really what that is.

  • i added myself with the help of that link. location is in my garden, which should look quite different today.

  • Uh, this was a bit hard. But, as Schrab said, the winner of the Most Northern Shruthi Prize is here!
  • Click on a marker, it’ll show a little edit box on the map for it. Then you can click “Delete”.

  • Yes, I finally found it myself, but thank you.
  • This map made me feel so alone. Nobody else in Washington state :(

  • Just an observation: I notice that if someone of you add or mod his (or someone else’s…) position, in my map panel (as I’m the owner) I have to click on “save”, then positions are unmodifiable.

    Now, if each of you mod a position, do you see the save button? Otherwise the problem of movable pins is because I have to save every time someone changes something on the map (wich is quite stupid imho, dear google). Please someone has to verify it and drop a line to me.

    If this is the case, I believe we have to find a smarter way to build up the forum users map.

    By the way, if someone does a mistake with someone else’s position can always click on the “undo” popup that appears in the upper side of the map ;)

  • yes there is a save button.

  • You could have people post addresses here then add them to the map periodically.

  • I like to fish, apparently. Or Chicagoland flooded while I am out of town for work. Rut roh!

  • I’ve got a Google account which I’m logged into, but I don’t see an edit button.

  • same here no sign of any edit button.
  • colonization of the new world complete

  • i feel a bit sorry for schrab. he is so alone out there.

    if there will be a meetup we should do it in Irkutsk. it is kind of in the middle between the us and europe guys.

  • I suggest this place!

  • thats о́зеро Байка́л (baykal lake) right?
    beautiful !

  • Yep. Olkhon island.

  • @Electrodruid & Sealion: fixed, try now.

    @Rosh: thanx mate

    @All the users: Rosh has proved that everyone has a “save” button in the map, so do your mods, click on save and you won’t be able to mess with pins (at least unless you want to…).

    @Schrab: you have a place here in Italy whenever you want to have a vacation, but only if I can have a vacation on that beautiful island :D

  • Muldee, i’m very hospitable person ;-)

  • oh yeah, let’s go visit Schrab! I’d be really interested in seeing that part of the world too!

  • +1 for Irkutsk. I was there in 2007- nice place (in the Summer, anyway). Baikal is also beautiful.


  • Have added myself, first in the UK:)
  • we can’t visit schrab because there are no roads – at least thats what google maps tells us….

  • @fcd72: you can add one by yourself on the map… if you build it, they will come

  • Or I have a more adventurous idea, we travel there by hot-air balloon steampunk style!

  • @fcd72 We have no roads, only directions =)

  • Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need any roads.


  • Wow! Real islander!

  • >Or I have a more adventurous idea, we travel there by hot-air balloon steampunk style!<

    Maybe with some speakers and shruthis generating waveform to move the balloons…

    Ok I have to go out more often, hehe

  • I think if you have a speaker big enough you could use that to move the balloon! Would be the first shruthi-powered vehicle! We really should try that!

  • i just added my toys !
    it's fun to see that many shruthi-1 don't live alone, they are always with one or more brother(s) !
  • If there are no roads that get to Schrab, how did Schrab get to where Schrab is?

  • schrab is russian and as especially we germans know russians don’t need any roads to get where they are heading to…..

  • Titus, I was born here :D

  • nicore, you live in Forest of Tévelave? Beautiful place! Me wants live in forest too.

  • I wanted to be the Southernest Shruthi owner, but it seems that the honour belongs to nicore in Réunion :)

    Not to mention Titus and herrprof, who are Southerner than me…

    I’m the 4th one… not bad!

  • At least im the southiest in the USA!
  • Nicore really lives on Reunion Island?


  • Put myself on to the map ;)

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