• Hi Pichenettes and other, what do you think of a map of members on the forum ?
    Do you think that is possible ?
    This could help to meet, to share our hobby, and other intesting possibility !!
    Like as problem solving.
    Take electronics courses.
    Exchange our knowledge.
  • oh yes Mutable meetings all over the world!!!
    what about using www.meetup.com

  • Great idea. I was a member of a flashlight forum (long story, but there are some amazing flashlights out there), and the members do regular meetings all over the world. I’m not too active over there now-a-days, ran out of money, but I do have a flashlight that will ignite a piece of paper.

  • I am member of the
    Facebook Group ( www.facebook.com/mutable.instruments )
    There is also Google+ page ( https://plus.google.com/117975015620525642566 ) for mutable instruments where you can see members locations,

    I like Google+ Hangups function where multiple people can meet virtualy with their webcams.
    I paricipated twice where AbletonOp (www.abletonop.com) members met.

    I will propose Pichenette arrange hangout like this once where we could see each other , maybe in the next one we could solder one of kit on a session together :)

    Who's up for this ?
  • +1 for the Hangout thing! I’d be in!
    don’t know where you can see people’s location on g+ except going through each person’s profile…

  • How do one get to see the members map on google plus?

  • What about Google Maps? You can build your own Map, and every forum user can create his position in it!
  • @pichenettes There was ( is ) a good google Chrome extension ( https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/mcfifkeppchbjlepfbepfhjpkhfalcoa ) "Map My Circles" where you could see that but I just realized it does not work anymore with new G+ GUI :(

    I am definetely up for Hangouts and I am willing ( if pichenettes allow me ) to schedule one if there are others interested to participate.
  • I’ve created this map:


    it is pubblic and it can be freely modifiable. I’ve already sent to Olivier the link to collaborate to the map. What do you think?

  • Do you need Google Earth for this becauce it does download a file not opens a web page or something. ?
  • Sorry, the link in the forum doesn’t work, but if you copy it and paste in the navbar of your browser it should work…

    Pichenettes has already added his position.

  • Cool, let’s edit this map…

  • I have to ask you two things:

    @Pichenettes: can you invite others to edit or it’s still up to me?

    @Every one else: can you edit the map without being invited? It’s public so it’supposed it’s freely editable (or at least I think so…)

  • I don’t know how I can add myself to it…

  • @pichenettes , Are you OK with a hangout ? Will you be able attend if I schedule ( It does not worth to have first one without you )
    If yes , which date/time you would be available ?
  • I’m afraid the map it’s not so public…

    By the way every invited people should be able to invite other people.

  • @muldee got the invitation!
    @cereyanlinmusiki agree we need Olivier for the first hangout, but we all know how busy he is right now! So maybe we have to structure it well, give it a limited timeframe

  • For the hangout, we have to find a timeframe suitable for people in the US… Something like saturday or sunday, 9 or 10 PM CET?

    Is there a way of making the map publicly editable without invitations?

  • sorry idk how to add a location

  • @cereyanlinmusiki: I see you added you position to the map. Have you been invited by someone? (I’m trying to understand if the map is freely modifiable).

  • @muldee No I haven't. In my first try; map was not pubic but I saw that you were playing with its settings then a minute later I saw the edit button and added myself.

    here is a link for english GUI where I can see the edit button

  • haha, hacked and added myself using above link ;)

  • Ok, I got it! The map is freely editable by google users. All the others have to be invited.

    I mean: google users see the “edit” button even if they’re not invited. Everyone else has to be invited to see that button

  • I also added which Mutable Instruments live at that address :D

  • Who’s repère 6?

  • I can’t figure it out on an iPad. Best I can get is to send an invitation to the collaborators. Why would I want to do that?

  • @Titus Raindrops get yourself a real computer :)

  • this google maps thing is a bit tricky… I have trouble clicking a pin without moving it… I should use a mouse I know, but since I work with the tablet all the time…
    Anyway sorry if you find someone updated your pin. It was probably me by mistake

  • Do you see a member near Geneve in France ?
  • Okay after seriously fucking up your map, I finally added myself. I had to use Google’s iPad app to do it, btw…

  • @ HeRtEk nope I can’t see you

  • Don’t know who is JuJu, but we are really neighbors!!!! Less than 1km!!!

  • I’m standing near the nuclear reactor meltdown, btw. Thought it appropriate.

  • @ HeRtEk now I see you twice :)

  • Olivier can add everybody, he’s got nothing to do, and he’s got all our adress ;-) go go go Olivier lol

  • I want to be the first Mutant™ in Liechtenstein. Can anyone get me a work visa?

  • I think it's ok for me, but it's complicated
  • Ok, to avoid users moving someone else’s position, be sure you click on “save” and then “end” after performing your mod. A refresh is advisable.

    Sorry, but I didn’t expect that Maps should be so tricky

  • Maybe as a collaborator or two would suffice ?
    Everybody can change information !!!
  • Pichenette !! you live in amsterdam now ?--------------------------->OK i go out
  • Great! That’s what i was talking about!
    added myself.
    4903 km to nearest neighbour (Radio Shaolin)

  • So, I’m now officially the owner of the “nearest to the top of the globe”* shruthi-1 :D


  • @v’cent: i’ll be shipping one to finald on friday, so enjoy your crown while you can!

  • Southernmost here so far!
  • wait for jojjelito and istran ;)

  • quite surprised that every (registered on the map) french guy lives in Paris except me!

  • @bleo Damn you ! (I actually think that there is one in Sweden as well though)

    Now, where do i get my “Northerner accolade” +complimentary cake?

  • MicMicman, i m near the frontier but i m in france !!!
  • very cool!

    If it’s a “hangout” at MI HQ area, make end of september/beginning of october. We will be in Bilbao, Spain. Can hop a train for Paris!

  • Added myself.

    And due to some overzealous clicking and scrolling, I accidentally moved qp into Lake Michigan, and I don’t remember where he was before. Apologies.


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