Things you can do with an Arduino?
  • A friend of mine asked me if I know some nice sound/music related projects one can do with Arduino… but I’m really not much into the matter, so I’m asking for advice here. Does anybody have some suggestions?

  • Very little extra hardware and interestingly sounding: Auduino

  • YEs auduino, is like a AtariPunkConsole…Or if he like Lofi there is some good FX things like here:

  • maybe some kind of sequencer?

    there is a lot of stuff about that around the internet. i believe there is a midi library for arduino so programming it might not be too hard to do.
    there is also this arduino shield for a nice looking sequencer

  • Bleeplabs Nebulophone is very interesting!

    • Light controlled analog low-pass filter with five adjustable LFO LED modes.
    • Six arpeggio modes with adjustable rate.
    • Portamento with three speed settings.
    • Open-source Arduino code and hardware
    • 8 waveforms including two with dual, detuned oscillators.
    • Programmable sequencer to easily make your own arpeggios right on the Nebulophone.
    • Perfect tuning across six octaves.
    • White noise mode.
    • Adjustable temperment and key.
    • HYPERNOISE 30XX mode.

    Single-side pcb for home etching in attachement.
  • There are some inconsistency between original schematics and code, so here is fixed and tested one (arduino project and compilled .hex)

  • Thanks a lot people! Great projects btw! Some of them I heard of, some I didn’t.
    I invited this friend of mine to follow the forums, so maybe he’ll join us here. He was quite interested in getting a Shruthi-1 kit as well btw.

  • Yo schrab,
    where the hell can i get WHITE pcbs for home etching???

  • fcd72, sometimes it can be bought at local radio-store, 2mm single/doublesided fiberglass. Very strong, i think it’s from millitary manufacture =)

  • Hi to all! I've signed in to the forum! Thank you rumpelfilter and thank you to the community for your suggestions....In the web there are so many projects to do with Arduino....and here I see another interesting projects....Thanks! I will inform you all when I decide which one I make....
  • I have a Beat707 which is a very nice 707 style drum sequencer for Arduino. Has many other features as well. A+
  • Schrab- On your schematic, circuits on the arp control and shift button may not be complete. It shows them hooked to the Arduino, but then to nothing. Also, I was wondering how the HYPERNOISE 3000 feature is implemented, as it's not included in the schematic.
  • I concur the nebulophone is a great sounding synth! Super fun to play, thick sound, neat features. It's actually my favorite of all my synths. I'm sure that'll change after I assemble my shruthi, though. ;)
  • @rubyfocus
    it’s my fault – i’ve attached early version. Other pin of switches goes to ground of course.
    And Hypernoise30XX function activates when you reboot Nebulophone holding Shift button.

    Yes, it’s the best synth you can do with arduino but with one drawback – only 10 keys keyboard.

  • @schrab: i've learned to use the octave button pretty well mid-solo to widen the range ;)
  • hallo,, i found nebulophone is really interesting arduino-based synth..i try to do the single side pcb design..(attached)..but there is too many jumper to use..
    by the’s not working properly..i cannot generate a separate tone from the the sounds the same..and also, when i touch the stylus to one of the keypad,, it slowly muted..anyone had this problem before??


    732 x 660 - 181K
  • @schrab
    i think the attachment pcb in your post didn’t survive the moving of the forum, do you still have it?

  • Here it is
  • thanks!

  • Hello all, i coming back to this discussion..well the problem is still the same..

    1094 x 506 - 60K
  • Sound Synthesis library for Arduino

  • ...and there’s the Beat707 too :)

  • I would encourage anybody that looks at the arduino to go for the teensy instead. Mostly compatible, super easy to setup, very small footprint, faster and has midiusb built in.

  • :)

  • Yes, Standuino!
    Their newest Microgranny granular sampler is fun!
    Monophonic, plays 16bit 22050hz mono .wav files (total of 15 in one preset). Simple granular options (loop length/position) pitch, bitcrush, midi-controlled. Granular loops are clicky – there’s no loop crossfading, hope this will be fixed in version 2.0

    Just Mega328, 4981 DAC and SD card.

  • @schrab
    Is this a single sided board designed by the great schrab himself?

  • Yep, but I gave up with routing it and there’s 4 wires at the bottom.

    I was very tired after reversing schematic from Fritzing project (what a crap!) and photos.


  • @fcd72 here is eagle files and firmware hex =)

    other parts are pretty common: 6n137, HC4050, HC595, common anode 3-digit led, microsd slot (cannibalized from broken tablet), optional TL072 to use with speaker. I think it’s possible to use MCP4821/22 DAC.
  • Id be better off with a .pdf for the board ;-) Thursday is Etching Day…..

  • @fcd72:

    1282 x 1128 - 102K
  • Another PCB for the Pile of Unfinished Project….
    Thanks schrab, highly appreciated!!!!

  • updated PDF – download again, there was one bug.

  • We made an Arduino-synth-filter-shield-thingy called SJS-One:

    It’s basically a Max 261 Switched Capacitor filter as a shield…
    At the moment we have to different firmwares for it, one 4osc-synth and one drum/fx/noise-synth.
    But it can be used to process external audio aswell, making it a kind of funky, midicontrolled, hackable filter with LP,BP,HP,AP..

  • The sjs-one is a great little kit! :-)

  • tabularasa wavetable vco …perfect for a diy homemade PPG clone

  • Hi, Shrub! I want to soldering micrograiny for your project. Working or not working your micrograiny?

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