Need an artist for your EP? might get one for free...
  • I’ve posted this one over at the forums, so I thought I might post it here as well
    As you might know I work mainly as an illustrator and graphic designer, that’s what I do to earn a living. I have some interesting projects from time to time, and I have a lot of boring one’s, but what I really would like to do, is work for musicians, doing posters and album art.

    So here here’s my idea: if you like my style, and need someone to design/illustrate your next EP, I might do it for free.

    And where’s the catch you might ask. There’s no catch, but there’s conditions:

    • I’ll do this for free as long as the EP or LP is a non-profit thing (as it’s mostly the case with chipmusic anyway). If you plan on selling it, we’ll have to talk about it.
    • To do a good job I need to really like the music. It must be something that inspires me. These things either happen, or they don’t so I can’t promise anything.
    • I have a limited amount of time left after I do all the paid work, so don’t expect me to deliver too quickly (though I will do my best not to make you wait for ages, and I’ve become pretty fast at doing my job anyway)
    • I will not be the mere executor of your ideas, I want as much creative freedom as I can get! Though of course it will always be a process where both sides have their share.
    • Don’t ask me to draw in a different style than my own, don’t ask me to imitate somebody else’s style.
    • Of course I’d like to be credited for my work :)

    Not sure if you want this? Check out these things I’ve made:

    Want to see more?

    Here’s my portfolio:
    and my deviantart gallery:

  • Love your style ! Very good work !

  • I bookmarked your blog…there is all kinds of cool stuff on there. That ep cover looks really good. I’d be all about getting in on that offer. Once I get an ep together.

  • you are good!
  • wow. makes me wish i'd make an ep
  • Thanks a lot everybody!
    11hz Robot: I’d love to work on something for your music! It’s very inspiring for the kind of thinks I make!
    efluon: maybe this can be a motivation booster! :D

  • Wow , really astonishing work there !

    Also for me you would be the first of choice when i get my shit together :)

    Good luck in the future ! you are very talented .

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