Sidekick Manual
  • Hello,

    I just finish my Sidekick (finaly !!!) and it seems working, but I would like
    to have some details about all these functions / buttons.

    Do you know if there is some kind of manual for the Sidekick ?

    I'm a little lost
  • Oh ... one more thing
    is there a way to test all these functions ?
    a kind of standard procedure ???

  • There’s nothing written besides this page

    Some simple test procedure:

    • Set AR1->filter and LFO1->filter to 0.
    • Set AR2->filter and LFO2->filter to 0.
    • Send an input signal. Check that the cutoff / resonance knobs are working.
    • Set AR1->filter to the maximum value. Press the AR1 button to trigger the filter envelope, and check that A1 / R1 are doing their job.
    • Set AR2->VCA to the maximum value. Press the AR2 button to trigger the VCA envelope, and check that A2 / R2 are doing their job.
    • Set AR1->filter to the maximum value. Change the LFO speed. Wowowowowow.
    • Set AR2->VCA to the maximum value. Change the LFO speed. Hohohohoohoho.

    Try changing the LFO waveforms. All good? Now set the resonance to the maximum value and make funny noises.

  • Heres the total + complete Reference Manual with all Tutorials, FAQ and Setup Procedures:

    At least its how you feel after Playing around a whole evening with this thingy. Olivier should put a warning sign on this . . . . its highly addictive

  • Thanks ! but

    Regarding the 4 tact switches :

    - When it temporarily routes the LFO ... is it injecting it permanently ?
    - and when we triggers the AR envelope ... how is it working ?
    Sometimes it produce a sound , but when I release it stops ...
    Thanks to light a little bit my bulb :)
  • @ fcd72

  • Pressing the switch 1 (2) routes LFO1 (LFO2) to the osc output while the switch is pressed.

    Pressing the switch 3 (4) triggers AR1 (AR2). Depending on the position of AR1->Cutoff and AR2->VCA switch 3 will modify the cutoff and switch 4 will modify the volume.

    If no audio source is connected to the sidekick, you need to set the resonance to its maximum value to get at least a sound source…

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