A new Shruthi-1 filter board is coming...
  • Those red screens are always a little dim. Good, bright red screens seem hard, or impossible to get. Im not sure its a good idea to run it without that resistor though? But im sure Olivier can confirm if that is ok or not.

  • There’s the drop-in OLED version. I think it comes in red on black?

  • You can use a VFD display and put some red clear plastic over it. Nice bright red display, but VFDs are expensive. OLED will be cheaper.



  • Try 6.8 instead of 68 for the red LCD. It will give a slight boost… I’ve never seen red OLED, at least not from New Haven.

  • I haven’t found a red OLED yet, but I haven’t exactly looked actively at OLEDs for a month or so. The white Reichelt (Electronic Assembly EA W162-X3LW) plus some red plexi on top will have to suffice for now.

  • @Pichenettes You’re right. I made it up. OLED = blue, green, yellow. Sorry for the mistake. I guess I was thinking of the regular red/black ones.

  • Raystar have a red OLED listed on their website but I can’t find one for sale anywhere.

  • Those people also have a 40x2 OLED, but in yellow only. It would be nice for a MB-SEQv4, but mine has a couple of gorgeous green Optrex STEP LCDs. Wonder what their MoQ is?

  • I have a 20x4 in my PreenFM. But as you can see, they are smaller. I will get a new cover made.

    It was easy to swap displays as it isn’t soldered directly to the board. So I just pulled it out and replaced it with another display (after soldering some pins to the connector).

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