A new Shruthi-1 filter board is coming...
  • Yes, the red control boards are coming with this. Maybe I should order a bunch of red LCD modules and sell those as a pack?

  • Yups! Make it all red!

  • Yay! Let us know in an mail. We can haz red OLED? Dunno on top of my head if they exist so mebbe we hafta settle for red-on-black LCDs.

    I’ll stampede your shop and will try to do the entire order/checkout process in less than a minute :D

  • Red-on-black LCDs are pretty nice, anyway. I have a Shruthi with a red neg. Newhaven display which looks pretty nice. I may have to decant that one from it’s ruby-red case though, and put this one in it instead, and buy another coloured case for my Dual SVF. A deep orange, maybe? I already have an orange LCD I haven’t used yet.


  • Ill mail you a Pic of the Colors…. Both orange tones are Opaque, but maybe you just resolder the LEDs to stick thru the case or use Supernova Style Retina Burners (i have some 100s on Stock ;-) )

  • > Yes, the red control boards are coming with this. Maybe I should order a bunch of red LCD modules and sell those as a pack?

    absolutley! + a bag of non-reichelt-obscurities! ШРУТИ-1 semi-kits ftw!

  • red pcb! dream become reality! this would be just the polyvox and control board or other filters cards too???
    anyway, if you do a pack, i immediatly order the two boards and the screen!!!!!
  • This is just for the polivoks and digital control board.

  • Ok, we are coming close to the release! Only the red cases are missing, and they are on their way…

    I will be doing something new this time…

    I understand that some of you, especially in Europe, have trouble sourcing some parts. But preparing kits takes a lot of time and I really have to produce batches of 250 kits to get the right “economies of scale” to kick in and turn this into a sustainable activity. So I have messed a bit with Excel and came up with a new proposal, more suitable for small series: A 125 euros Polivoks-Shruthi kit, red case included, with “everything except the R/C/Q/D parts” (all can be bought at Reichelt for ~ 10 euros, but maybe you already have them in your drawers…). I’ll be producing 25 of those.

    Good deal for you because you end up paying less than a full SMR-4 kit+case ; and less than if you bought the bare PCBs and hunted for the parts yourself. Good deal for me because I can keep the same margin as the full kit, while doing much smaller series with unusual LCD/cases/PCBs colors.

    Your thoughts?

  • BOM with included parts (green) and parts to buy to complete the kit

    Total of missing parts on Reichelt: 7.21 euros
    Total of missing parts on Digikey: $31

  • Good idea! I’d go all in on one or two of the semi-kits as it really takes the hassle of sourcing things out of the equation.

  • Exciting! I’m in for a Polikit, too. When you said ‘I’ll be producing 25 of those’ above, pichenettes, did you mean 250?


  • No, 25. The whole point of this “semi kit” approach is to allow smaller batches of weirder stuff to be sold with the same margin as the full SMR4 kits. If this goes well, I might continue and do every second month a special offer like that ; with fancy board and case colors, and supporting the odd filter boards.

    If I knew there were enough demand for 250 of those in a 1 year time span, I would have produced 250 full kits straight away.

  • Point taken, pichenettes. Well, put me down for one, anyway, if there aren’t others with higher priority who haven’t come forward already.


  • the “semi kit” idea is great!

    i am in for a polivoks one and also looking forward to other special kits that might come up.

    only problem is, i might run out of mixer chanels soon :)

    i also hope, that the word about mutable instruments spreads some more and you can increase batch sizes in the future and get to a scale where your work pays off some more .
    soldering is not that hard to learn and i think everyone should have a shruthi! compared to boutique synths it is incredible what you get for the money with a shruthi i think. (also when buying a pre built one for around 300€)

  • @loderbast I know what you mean about mixer channels. I sold my old Soundcraft analogue mixer some years ago, because I simply don’t have room for it anymore, but with all this MIDI hardware, I’m running out of channels too. I currently have 2x MOTU 828 Mk3, and just bought a Behringer ADA8000 expander ( http://www.behringer.com/EN/Products/ADA8000.aspx ) to plug into one of them, and I’m still not going to have enough inputs! On the plus side, these little synth boxes pack a lot on punch into a very small area!


  • I also would love a Polivoks Shruthi Kit if I'm not too late to the party.

  • excellent – i’m definitely in for a semi-kit! and perfect timing, too, since i’m currently short of a few euros worth of stuff to meet the minimum order for my next reichelt order.

    but, uhm, a red case? maybe i’ll learn to love it once i’ve seen it – but i think i prefer a regular colorless transparent case. no problem, guess i’ll wait till i see that red case, but if i don’t like it too much, i might just get the semi-kit minus the case, if that’s possible. i still have an unused clear case lying around, anyway.

  • I was only planning to build a filter board, but I really like the idea of a “semi” kit, so I would definitely go for that! Sign me up please ;)
    Looks like a blue LCD in the bom however?

    While im here.. Alex, are you on a Mac with those 2 828’s? I only ask because I don’t have a (working) mixer currently, and was thinking of getting a couple of Motu’s of some description so that I can get a ton of inputs available on my Mac.. Do the 2 work well together? Motu’s software allows them to act as 1 big interface, right? (I have an old 828 mk 1 kicking around, but don’t use that any more)

    While im here part 2.. I built a Shruthi last summer in a red case, as can be seen in the pict above. I think they look very nice! (If not quite as nice as the blue case..)

  • I have fixed the BOM, the LCD is a red one ; the switches caps are red ones ; and the LEDs are flat top red.

  • I also would love a Polivoks Shruthi Kit !
  • I like the idea of the “semi” kit Olivier! A reasonable compromise to allow you to keep producing new/special stuff while maintaining your margins, and also not making it too onerous for people to buy the remaining parts to complete the kit….

  • Purely out of curiosity.. Will these semi kits have the board spacers/screws/washers included? I don’t think I can see them in the BOM (green or blue). Fortunately I have a load of them here anyway, but I expect other people will need them..

    While im here (The final reprise?) I’d have no objections to further semi kits in future! hint hint even if just for filter boards.. It would be hugely helpful!
    (I think I developed a parts sourcing phobia or something..)

  • Yes, spacers, screws and all will be provided.

  • Great idea Oliver! :)

  • Woohoo! Sign me up!

  • I want to buy one as well, they look fab and semi kits seems like a great idea!
  • sign me up too please??? it will be on reservation or like the precedents batch, first to buy first to be served??? it smell like a battle is in the air :0)
  • will it be an on/off or 0/128 parameter for the dist??? Will this filterboard be usable as a ditortion effect for other synths??? thanks!
  • Distortion and FM are on/off ; but they can be controlled by a mod source (for example you can program a step sequence with values 0 and 1 ; route this to “cv1” ; and this will toggle on/off the dist on some steps).

  • ok etherway put me on the waiting list too if there is one!
  • first post here - I'd like one polivoks semi-kit
  • @Luap re. the 828s- they seem to work pretty well together. I believe you’re supposed to use wordclock to sync them together. I’ve never bothered, and they seem to be cool. I’ve never used DP, but OS X allows you to make aggregate audio devices combining several audio hardware devices. That’s how I was able to use both interfaces at the same time in my DAW of choice, Live. I say ‘was’- I moved house some time ago, and only recently got around to unpacking the majority of my music gear, so I’ve yet to get everything setup again. The Behringer interface is a new addition, and I haven’t done any detailed research into the best way to connect it all together. I’ll let you know how I get on!


  • Count me in, If I’m not too late!

  • Please sir, can I have some more?

  • Oh pretty red! This would make a great valentines gift for your significant other.
  • ok, i’ve just placed my reichelt order for everything blue on the bom (i was ordering some other stuff there, aynway, which i need asap). here’s hoping that i don’t miss out on the limited edition semi-kit. i’d hate to end up with a heap of useless components instead of a beautiful ШРУТИ-1. ;)

  • Available tomorrow at 8 PM CET.

    If you want to buy one now, please contact me by email. I’ll charge you an extra 10€ because I’ll have to do the invoicing / customs declaration / shipping label by hand – stuff now automated when you order on the store.

  • awsome!

    is that a soldering iron in the sickle?
    if so: can i get the vector file to make myself a t-shirt?

  • Yes it’s a soldering iron. Sorry, my camera is having some serious backfocus problems lately! fcd72 will be happy to provide a .pdf I guess!

  • Speaking of “a new Shruthi-1 filter board is coming”, I have cleaned a lot on my filter board backlog… so finally I’ll be ready to attack is the MS-20 clone with delay! It’s no longer something I want to do “in the future”, it’s something I just feel ready to do… But first I’m getting back to my main project… And shipping all those boxes!

  • im away till tuesday 17th, if i forget please remind me

  • I'm looking forward to the MS-20/delay board, let's see what designs cues we will come up with for that. I'm thinking zen garden, the flag of the rising sun, katana, ninja and Tonari no Totoro.
  • Looks great!
    Cool news re the MS-20 filter, pichenettes! I was going to ask about that, but glad I held off…


  • Awesome! Ordered and paid right after 8PM CET. It’s like Pokemon – gotta collect them all!

    When is the manga-Shruthi coming :P I was thinking that the goddess need to be kitted out with big eyes and maybe done a bit anime like for the MS20…

  • i got lucky, too :)

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