A new Shruthi-1 filter board is coming...
  • hm, what do you guys think – lotuses or no lotuses? i really love them both. lotuses are pretty, and they are a symbol of wisdom. without the lotuses, she looks a little tougher to me – you can’t tell whether she’s carrying a гармонь or a Кала́шников. :)

    [edit:] or maybe she’s carrying both – and a bottle of vodka to go with them. she’s got plenty of arms.

    [moar edit:] jeez typing on this ipad thing is a pain…

  • I vote for the lotus-less version. They must be kept warm inside.

  • Yep, I think lotus-less with russian text would be perfect.

  • no arguing with that! so, lotusless it is.

    and i’m definitely in for a kit – or even just a semi-kit with ШРУТИ-1 digital conrol pcb, Поливокс filter pcb, Поливокс acrylic case, a red lcd, and a bag of ‘everything you don’t get from reichelt’. :)

  • nice work schrab!

    the sign on her cap looks really small. have you checked, that it will be recognizable, when printed? (the logo on the SRM4 board is like 2cm in height)
    maybe make the sign a bit bigger, if not.

  • I vote for the loti (is it plural for lotus like in espresso?) as without she looks a bit naked.

  • Oh, and can we get a special firmware with a russian splash-screen?

  • Hey, I was thinking of those LCD modules with the “wrong” character set. Usually, the 0x80-0xff chars are katakana (?) + graphing calculator stuff. But the other ones… don’t they have cyrillic chars in the upper ROM?

    Special firmware make things harder, though – I’ll have to keep in sync several builds of the firmware…

  • Yes, I buy them all the time from Poland, they are nice and cheap :) BTW, the alternate firmware works perfectly thanks :)
    Don’t know about the charset though, the Shruthi splashscreen displays correctly, even with the standard firmware.

  • Fixed cap, 250 px width looks ok.

  • nice! have you noticed how that flower garland around her neck turns into a fur collar once she’s wearing that ushanka?

  • Perfect. Great work schrab! :)

  • flip: The Shruthi splashscreen uses custom characters, that’s why.

    mic.w: Yes I have noticed that too :)

  • I’m not professional fur-artist =)

  • Le Bling! Just add sunglasses ;) In fact don’t.

  • don’t indeed! the Поливокс is a soviet synth, not a post-cold-war russian mafia бизнесме́н oligarchy thing. otherwise, we would have to change the red star on her cap for a d&g logo – and we don’t want that, do we. :D

  • Drop that Custom Splashscreen Idea ant let it play From Russia, with Love when powering up.

  • also, i think i like the original garland-turned-fur-collar-by-recontextualization version better. those things on her shoulders look a little like the epaulettes of a military coat – fits the military уша́нка on her head rather well.

  • I was beginning to like it: Part Soviet, part post-cold-war bling, or maybe she’s a ballerina on the run from the Большой театр :D

  • wow we’re all polishing our russian here! mine didn’t even exist before this thread started, and now i know all these interesting new words and russian cyrillic characters. :)

    in fact, i’ve been wearing an ushanka for years in berlin’s cold winters without even knowing what they are called.

  • In the olden days of the Swedish conscript army it was colloquially called a “Björnfitta” or Bear’s p***y due to it’s appearance. Kept us warm in the winter though. I like my ushanka, but sometimes I give it weird looks.

    Re the Russian: I like the people, the language and the cool looks of the letters of the cyrillic alphabet. Who doesn’t?

  • i got mine years ago at this ‘forever in closeout sale’ jeans store on canal street, nyc. it’s labelled “timberland”. but it’s still an уша́нка! :)

  • my peripheral vision insists on replacing “ushanka” by “anushka shankar”

  • Haha! It’s some kind of syncronisation – friend of mine just called and asked to fix his Polyvoks =))

  • pichenettes, lol! Russian name and Hindustani surname!

  • tell him to just get rid of it in an overpriced ‘OMG VINTAGE NO MOOG’ ebay auction and get a ШРУТИ-1 instead – much more interesting oscillators + modulation matrix + artwork.

  • Ill trade in an orginal Polivoks Shruthi for an original Polivoks anytime ;-)

    I like obscure Hardware – i have a TX16W

  • @pichenettes: what does your peripheral vision make out of this: Сарасвати

    and what does it tell us about you? interesting, a typographic rorschach test.

  • F***K! $1250 at ebay! Here in Russia it may be worth from one bottle of stolichnaya to $200 max =))

    Good article The Story Of The Polivoks at Sound On Sound magazine.

  • @schrab: hm, at that rate, i think i’d get both – ШРУТИ-1 and Поливокс.

    [edit:] “that rate” being the russian one, obviously, not the “OMG NO MOOG” ebay one…

    [edit edit edit:] @fcd72: how much more obscure than a ШРУТИ-1 can you get? it doesn’t even exist yet! by contrast, around 100.000 polivoks have been built according to wikipedia.

  • @schrab

    honestly, you could make a (small ;-) ) fortune selling mic.w and me some polivoks…..

  • Get both. In Soviet Russia they hybridize and you’ll get fantastic offspring. Raw sound, unique looks. Solid engineering :) Reminds me of something.

    @Schrab: You realize that we all will pester you to hook us up with cheap Polivokses now, dontcha? :)

    Сарасвати, hehe.

  • The correct plural form is “Polivoxen”?

  • @fcd72 old hardware is good but needs a lot of space! My YamahaCS5, Korg Poly800, and Solaris-312 awaiting their fate. MidiboxFM + 2 x Shruthi-1 is good enough!

  • Of course! My bad. I’ll go sit on the naughty stool in a corner for a while…
    Box, boxxen. Box, the boxxah (Eric Cartman said so!).

    I still want 4 Poliboxxah so that we could form a chamber music quartet. The audience can eat борщ while we perform as long as they don’t throw it at us.

  • @schrab: right you are! so, do sell us all your polivoksi. how many bottles of stolichnaya do wo owe you? do you also accept tanqueray? or steinhäger? :D

    @fcd72: he said Капча – whatever that means. :) plus a giant mutant hamster from Чернобыль.

  • Last week another friend of mine presented me broken Polivoks. I’m only need to bring it home. If (rather WHEN) i’ll repair it – i’ll sell it with great pleasure.

  • Can I call dibs? ;)

  • @pichenettes: omg, i think it’s contagious! my own Пэрыфэрал Выжэн is turning all cyrillic!

  • @Jojjelito, no problem!

  • All your memes are belong to us! Все ваши мемы принадлежат нам!

    Ahh, It’s in my brain. Brainzzzzz…

    @schrab: Just say when :) Would be cool to swing by and pick it up even.

  • @schrab: i’ll gladly join the queue forming in front of your new polivokseria. :)

  • Hehe, get ready to wait, but I’ll pay attention to the Siberian Polivoks Market. From time to time there are great deals =)

  • oh there’s no hurry. hm, siberia. that’s not exactly around the corner. if it were kaliningrad or petersburg, i would have joined jojjelito for local pickup. but from siberia i suppose we may have to research shipping rates. we’ll see…

  • somehow i feel like this thread misses this video

  • @loderbast
    There we were, happily learning to derail threads without the help from fcd72 or rosch, but you win :) Awesome!
    Siberia is tougher for local pickup, at least if it’s far like Yakutsk…

  • Actually Irkutsk, but still quite far =)

  • Well, ARN to Moscow to IKT is about 555€ round-trip. Plus possible money for a Visa. Wonder if I could get a T-90 in a container for that amount of shipping? Then again, travelling can be fun :)

    If I get a PAK-FA I could fly myself home. That would cost a bit though, plus the wrong ppl would be miffed.

    I’m sure there was a story about a VCF in here somewhere…

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