• Der OTO

    OTO Machines has just released a new firmware update for the OTO Biscuit, which adds a synth/step sequencer mode to the Biscuit. This is a result of a collaboration between OTO Machines and Mutable Instruments – I’ve actually helped Denis from OTO Machines reimplement some of the Shruthi oscillator algorithms to PIC assembly and squeezed them to run on the Biscuit.

    If you have a Biscuit this update is a must… If you don’t have a Biscuit this could be a sweet companion for your Shruthi…

  • Whoa.... neat!
  • I didn’t know you 2 were pals!? Thats so cool that you both are working together.. Anyway, I do have a Biscuit! So I am very interested to try this update.
    Not quite released yet though? Website says 11th..

    Looks like i’ll need to get me one of those overlays too :)

  • How odd, I was just thinking today that it would be nice to have a mutable fx processor..

  • If you want to ruin mutable instruments, put a spin fv-1 in my heads… i’ll be sucked into it like in a black hole :)

  • This means I’m totally getting one now!!!

  • damn. the oto is over 500€

    i wanted one already, but now the wish kind of turned into a need.

    my bank account hates you for that ;)

  • damn. the oto is over 500€

    A shade less than that on Thomann.de ;)

    Btw, Olivier.. Given that the Biscuit is stereo.. Does the synth make use of that? Like subtle differences from left to right to create width? Just curious!

  • Osc 1 is panned to L, osc 2 is panned to R, so each of them is going through a different filter circuit. Since the Biscuit’s filter is not calibrated the same way the Shruthi is (it wouldn’t matter since it doesn’t self-oscillate anyway), there are subtle cutoff range / resonance range differences on the L&R channel. As a result, it sounds very wide unless you mix together the two outputs with a Y cable.

  • Yeah i’ll bet that does sound wide! It always did as an effects unit, so it’s cool that it will as a synth too.
    Am I pushing my luck to ask for an audio demo?? ;)
    I can’t wait to try it for myself though!

    I think you Frenchies may overtake my fondness for the Germans when it comes to who makes the best gadgets of sonic hooliganism.

  • does this mean we get biscuit firmware for shruthi too ? =)

  • @ Paradigm X:

    would be nice, but i guess it won`t work because the shruthi don`t covert the input signal to the digital domain like the biscuit does.so it is not able to do bitcrushing. maybe with the digital filter board it could be done.

  • Exactly, the audio in doesn’t go through the MCU. It would be possible to do some of the Biscuit digital functions on the digital filter board, but then it would miss the creamy analog filter. Hey, let’s not ruin Oto’s business :)

  • @Luap: If you ever doubted frenchies’ aptitude at designing crazy sonic gadgets (keyboard controlled two-voices sampler / granular pitch-shifter / time-stretcher from 1978 ; sort of a WTPA2 done entirely with 74 TTL chips)

  • Nice news.

    So you found a way to quickly have more Shruthi running round the world ...
  • Just installed the update and have been trying it out.. I barely have a clue what im doing yet! But so far, it certainly sounds good :)
    (Even the overlay is quite nice!)

  • I was thinking… one could build oneself something like a Biscuit by taking a Shruthi, adding the digital filter/fx board and then adding an analogue filter board of choice on top of that. The only problem is: would the two filters get along? And anyway one would have to modify the firmware, am I right?

  • I think it would be very awkward to try to do this with Shruthi-1s… Also, you wouldn’t get the same “sample rate reduction” effect as on the Biscuit – which is achieved by slowing down the ADC/DAC clock rather than repeating samples in software…

  • no of course it would not be the same… I was just thinking that inserting a digital FX section between the sound generation and the analogue filter in the shruthi would be really nice and make it very interesting also as an FX processor, since you have all the mod matrix and step sequencer goodness already inside. I’ve been programming some patches to use the Shruthi-1 as an effects processor using the filter and the step sequencers and it’s already amazing, so Having some things like bitcrushers or delays to further process incoming audio would be even more amazing! And it would be similar to the Biscuit in many ways, though of course not being the same thing.

    Or maybe I’m just trying to find reasons not to spend the 600 euro the Biscuit would cost me, which is a price I can’t really justify right now… and my wife will kill me if I buy it :)

  • @rumpelfilter

    If our girls would really kill us each time we are buying a new toy this would be the world central forum of the Zombies….
    My wife just said “So this is a Scope?” to my latest addition to the show – i guess i have saturated her attention Span to electronics.

  • Haha, it’s like attrition warfare… Good going Frank!
    After a while it seems like you can get away with buying stuff like there’s no tomorrow. Unless it’s big and needs more space, then hell breaks loose…

  • @jojjelito

    If i run out of space ill just switch to modulars – seems a good way of wasting more money/HE

  • @fcd72: was thinking the same, at least you can stack them vertically and there is virtually no end to what you could add to such a system!
    Anyway, you are right, we probably just need to get them used to incoming parcels, starting with small unobstrusive ones, then making them slowly bigger and more expensive, in the end they will not even notice it anymore!

  • kind of an complementing handbag/shoe strategy . . . .

    and: yes, thats the bad thing about the shruthi – its expandability is somewhat limited so you have to build new ones frequently

  • My advice: If you work away from home, have all your parcels delivered to your place of work. Then, you just have to sneak them into the house ;)


  • the few parcels with electronics are barely noticed between all the others pouring in here each day ;-)

  • @fcd72: well it’s not such a big issue, I just wish the shruthi-s were better stackable… but maybe I’ll just have to come up with a design concept! :)

    @toneburst: well that’s my strategy, but still, the stuff in the “music corner” is getting more, and I can’t really hide it…

    btw. aren’t we going kind of off-topic?

  • Dont we do this all the time? Heres a little Help from the Capacitor Fairy:

  • I remember thinking twice about buying a Biscuit.. They are pricey things! But its also unique, and built very nicely. And fortunately, sounds very cool too. And with the Der Oto update that Olivier contributed to, it is even more worth while. No regrets here!
    Oh, and even if you did conjure up some strange concoction with Shruthi boards to make something vaguely like a Biscuit, it would likely still be mono. Unlike the Biscuit, which is stereo, and it does sound very wide!

  • Yes it totally does sound awesome! That’s exactly why I’m still thinking about it.
    Right now, if I had the money I would only be undecided between it and the Eventide Timefactor (which I find awesome for other aspects)
    Well I don’t have the money anyway… :)

  • in the end, it couldn’t resist and I got me a biscuit!
    It really is an awesome box! Even more awesome with Der OTO!!!
    Best money spent on gear, after the shruthi! :)

  • I have a question: has anyone got a “Der Mask” cover for the Biscuit? Info is quite poor on the Oto website, so I’d like to know how exactly it is made (material) and how you put it onto the Biscuit (it’s not sticker I hope).
    Anybody has it?

  • It’s like a magnet IIRC.

  • Yes.. I have the mask.. It’s like that Fridge magnet plastic type material. But slightly ironically, it sticks to my fridge perfectly! Biscuit, not so much! ha.. But then I wasn’t planning on using my Biscuit inverted or anything, so its all good :)

    I still have not played around enough yet with the new Der Oto side of the Biscuit.. I really need to get my head around it!

  • Yeah crap, I was just thinking how cool the biscuit is and how awesome it was that they turned it into a synth for free… And now I find out that my beloved Mutable Instruments was behind it?

    Now I must own one. Too cool to be true!

    Way to go Olivier! What a cool thing to do!

  • My Der Shruscuit is schduled to arrive tomorrow!

  • Man I love the way the filter sounds in the Der Oto mode… In the lower registers it sounds just like a SEM, to me anyway. I have read that the filter is built from discrete components? Anyway, it rocks!

    But mostly I wanted to say that the Oto Biscuit is a brilliant thing. Totally over-engineered, amazingly impressive. A great value (you get two for one basically). Paris is definitely where it’s at right now…

  • yeah totally true. I thought the price was high at the beginning, but then, when you consider what you get for it… it’s totally worth it!
    I have one too and I can only share your enthusiasm! France is totally rocking it right now! :)

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