Behold! The new OLED hotness
  • How awesome this display is I can barely put into words.

    Newhaven OLED

  • DO WANT! :D
    BTW, what case is that?

  • my case :) Front panel express made it

  • Looks awesome!

  • I agree. I want that case. (oh yeah, the oled looks nice, too)
  • So there is no need for a back-light on the OLEDs I take it these displays are without that annoying nub off to one side of the display? I ask because I just ordered a bunch of 10k panel mount pots that that intrude on the display area. The displays module board will slide nicely between the panel and the pots but I've got that darn back light nub to deal with. My case is about 4mm thick and so is the back light. I was about to do some carving/filing/sanding but thanks to your post I might not have to deal with the risk of fudging the display area. Too bad red's not an option. Thanks for the post.
  • do you feel like sharing your case design with us altitude?
    i'm gonna be needing a case or three pretty soon and that is one bad ass case!
    i always wanted one of your wicked x0x cases . . .
    i've never done any frontpanel business, but i'd like to get a few made up, if you're up for it?
    had to ask :-)

    btw is the oled a straight drop in replacement?
  • Yes, the OLED is a drop pin replacement.

  • @KSD, yes no back light, the display is less than half the thickness of the JHD162 display. You dont even need to wire up pin 15 and 16 or need the contrast control. These come in blue, green, and yellow

  • Cool to see it in pictures! I ordered a couple of greens and a blue a bit back. Hmm, must get back to building those Shruthis. Plus hack the 6582 OLED into working...
  • I’m interested in getting a few of these. Won’t have funds until late next month as these are a bit more pricey. So heads up, if you think you’ll be needing some more in a month or so… the price breaks are at 5 and 10, let me know.

  • hello... so i i have good understand, these oled are thinner, and you don't have to do the screen hole, it can be put under the case???
    Red doesn't exist, or just not on digikey??? thanks!
  • It’s only available in blue, green and yellow, form Digikey/Mouser. Not very common…

  • so bad... i will stick with standard screen so cause all my setup is red now.... they are a bit pricey too...
  • Also worth noting, the yellow and green are yellow and green, the blue is a very light blue

  • I just tried a blue one of these.. Like Altitude says.. It is a light blue. But it’s oh so crisp!
    Very nice parts!

  • Resurrecting an old thread because this case is awesome… anymore more info on how to make one?

    And I’m going OLED next time, for sure.

  • OLEDs apparently have a shorter life though. 5 years at 8 hours a day apparently.

    They also tend to be a bit thinner, so you may need the display raising up.

    There’s VFD too ;)

  • I dont care if they last a week, for how much better they perform and look, I’ll replace it as needed

  • Agreed. I’m actually tempted to rip out some perfectly good ones just to upgrade!

  • Please share your top design and instructions on how to get it fabricated… It’s really stunning.

  • Waiting on a white Electronic Assembly OLED I got at Reichelt. It was 30-something € tho’ so I hope it arrives safe and sound!
    It wasn’t super-easy to find flat top white or blue LEDs in 3mm, I had to resort to Evilbay.

  • @Jojjelito did you manage to find white/blue LEDs in a reasonable brightness? I’ve only ever seen eye-burners in those colours.


  • Blue LEDs: I used Mouser 604-W934MBDK but they seem to have been discontinued :(

  • I had a seller on ebay from china I was getting blue and white diffused 3mm LEDs that worked reasonably (they were solid white when off) but I dont see them any more.. I would stay way from the retina burning clear ones (even the tinted clear)

  • I’m still waiting for those LEDs. Look at what SiempreLaLuna did when he painted his turbo laser LEDs white for his Sammich over at MIDIbox for a nice workaround. I’ll post some more once I get the goods.

    If push comes to shove I’ll resort to normal shape 3mm white n’ blue LEDs

  • As for the brightness, isn’t that just a case of increasing the current limiting resistor?

  • @Lindeborg

    Pretty much. But there is a fine line between “too harsh” and “too dim”

  • Depends on the ambient light too, in daylight it will look okay but in the dark it may look too bright.

  • @altitude, what would it take to get a case with this design from FPE? (also, how…as I’m totally unfamiliar and curious about the cost as well. I could use a case for my LP delay)

  • IIRC, it was right around $220 but I went all out with threaded blind holes and an cutout for the LCD on the back of the front panel so that design could take any type LCD. Without that, it would be $30 less. I have the files if you want to go for it and the referral code will get you 20% off that so it might be worth it

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