4 Switch Caps for the Sidekick (Europe/Germany)
  • Hi,

    does anybody have 4 switch caps and can sell them to me? Or is somebody ordering stuff from mouser and can order 4 of the switch caps needed for the sidekick for me, please?

  • Well, what do we have here ... I found www.futureelectronics.com. They have e-switch products and also ship to France, Germany, and UK. They also do global shipping but I don't know what the rate is.
    For Germany it's 6 Euro for FedEx shipment. And with the manufacturer # I found the black switch caps I was searching for:


    Downside is that they have almost no product images (meeh) but you can download the data sheet ... which is a bit inconvenient :(
    I will order some caps there and tell you if it's worth ordering there ^^

  • I have ordered this part in the past from them — at a time when Digikey did not have it in stock. It is the right thing.

  • i can give you some if you haven’t ordered yet

  • @rosch: hmm, I've already ordered. But thx anyway :)
  • Has been a while and I wanted to share if it’s worth buying there. So far it’s the only webshop I’ve found in germany that has tact switches and caps in stock. Delivery is fast. And I already ordered there a couple of times no. So I think I can recommend them. Downside, as I already told, they have almost no product images. But if you know what you want, have a product number, and can read data sheets, they may be a way to go for hard to find parts.


  • Avoid these caps http://www1.futureelectronics.com/doc/E-SWITCH/TAKBLK.pdf
    I’ve ordered 70 and was very upset when foud than they are too small and don’t fit any tact switches =(

  • thats too bad … see the link in my second post. they fit perfectly. but even if they are too small (I had some once) you can use a dremel tool and widen them (did that too)

  • I’ve ordered from Future, the part SKU was TACBLK

  • Yes, now i know. There’s TACBLAC and TAKBLK.
    Futureelectronics asks $58.63 for shipping to russia, so i’m in search for other supplier.

  • Am about to order some TACBLU just for the sake of color coordination. No, Mouser don’t have those in stock… Wish there were green, orange, yellow and chrome to be had… Time to spray-paint?

  • eek the shipping costs are horrible schrab. I could send you some 12 or 15 or so for a couple of euro, if you need some?

  • i got some 20+ left (if you’re talking of the original shuthi black ones) and i’m sure i can join some future order from digi-key again once i need them (i have some red and white ones i can use until then hehe)

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