WTB: IR3109 PCB's
  • Hello Shruthi-ers! I'm guilty of being a terrible procrastinator who underestimated the limited nature of the IR3109 PCB run. I've got the chips on the shelf and was really hoping to have enough of this filter board to make myself a nice poly shruthi this winter.. but alas as of now I am limited to the 2 PCB's I was lucky enough to order in time!

    If anybody bought more of these than they can use I'd be happy to buy them from you!

  • I have two spare Shruthi-1 IR3109 PCB's manufactured for me by a local PCB fab. They are almost identical to the ones you could buy from Mutable Instruments: the only difference is that they lack that fancy "Shruthi face" graphics (fab missed the non standard pcb layer this gorgeous piece of pcb art is on). I'be built IR3109 filter using a pcb from the same batch and it works perfectly. Let me know if you're interested.

  • Thanks, I've got what I need :)