Will this Encoder work with Shruthi ??? and problems with stacking boards
  • Forgot to order the rotary encoder, found this one on ebay in the UK:-


    it says "There (this) is a continuous rotary switch decoded using 2 bit gray code having 20 positions and a built in push button switch (push to operate)"

    assuming the pin-outs are the same, is this a viable replacement??

    please anyone . . . .

    i am also having trouble to get the two circuit boards to stack properly, the Atmel controller on the back of the main board sits on the audio in/out and the capacitors right behind them, and so the headers don't meet in the middle ? ?

    Has anyone else had the same problem ??

    I self-sourced by the way, this is not an official kit.

    Thanks in advance for any advice,

    Cosmo ;o)
  • hard to tell from the auction text, as the seller does not provide a datasheet or manufacturer’s product name etc.

    about the boards, could you post a picture?

  • Yo toxaco,

    you may want to cut the plastiv parts of the connector to flaten them a bit…

  • Should be fine if you keep 23mm between the two boards, though.

  • The problem with stacking the boards is that they are too far apart because the microcontroller hits the back of the 1/4" audio in & out and the capacitors behind them. I have posted a photo here. There is no connection made by the headers!

    I need a header with longer legs
  • Aaaahhh . . . my headers from digikey are much, much shorter, at least 2/3mm.

    I have order some more with longer legs so it will be fine, i was worried it wasn't going to fit in the case
  • The connecting headers you need are the ones sold as Arduino board connectors. They’re actually a little too long, and have to be cut down a bit to allow the two boards to be the correct distance apart.