MIDIpal kit?
  • Who would be interested in a MIDIpal SMT kit? I won’t do less than 50 kits, so I want to be sure I will sell them.

    Target price would be in the 40-60 euros range for a batch of 50, probably 30-50 for a batch of 100.

    Please answer only if you are interested in a kit. There will be assembled units anyway.

  • could you perhaps clarify midipal kits vs premanufactured midipals?
    are you considering kits instead of or in addition to ready-to-use units?

    [edit: – ]

  • There will be pre-assembled units, at probably the same price as the kit – because they will be done in larger quantity by people with a better supply chain than me.

  • I'd get two.
  • i be in (one)

  • One here too :p
  • I am interested in one kit.
  • I’ll reserve a pre-built one. Probably a bit early for that though ;)


  • I'm up for at least one


  • One for me please
  • I'd take at least 2 pre-assembled units, maybe 3 if the price is on the lower side of your estimate. Maybe even more: they'd make a great stocking stuffer for my MIDI-nerd family and friends!

    edit: i'm a retard. this is for KITS. Sorry.
  • I'd be interested in at least two kits, need to practise those smt skills... but prebuilt could also be interesting.
  • I might be interested at 1 pre-builtkit…maybe 2 if in the lower price range !

  • 1 kit for me for sure, maybe 2.

    And at the risk of pissing off many people on this thread, why don’t you charge a bit more for the pre-built one, even if the costs are the same to you? You need to make some money at some point, no?? :-)

  • Pre-built is going to be cheaper and less troublesome for me.

  • I'm in for 2!
  • less troublesome for me too ;-)
    (i.e. i’d rather go for prefab this time)

  • DEFINITELY in for one!!!

  • I’m in for one!

  • I'll have two. One for insurance in case I screw up the SMT!
  • Yep, one for me too! ;)

  • One for me too.

  • One here.

  • I would be interested in one kit!

  • im hesitantly in for one (kit)... any idea (roughly) when tho?

    cash flow is a bit of an issue for a month or two…

    Does the kit come with a box/case? Is it shruthi sized? I will have a spare shruthi case once the programmers done. :)

    The prebuild is a fab idea and im sure you could charge more … just saying. The amount of people who would want ready to go rather than a kit must be at least 10-1.

    Many thanks :)


  • It is the size of a credit card, not the size of a Shruthi. There will be a case but no design finalized yet. When? Within 2 months.

  • I’d like to build one or even two.


  • i would like to build 1
  • yes, one please!
  • Probably. What is it? Is it the SMT toy you’ve been talking about, and if so, what does it do?

    (Sorry, I’ve had less time to read the forums recently. A summary would be nice, if it’s not too much trouble)

  • @Electrodruid:
    Documentation here

    This topic is only to get a reliable estimate of how many units could be sold if I do a small batch of kits.

  • two sealion

  • i'm in for one, perhaps two, dépend of final price
  • Now that looks like it could be a lot of fun… Assuming the price is reasonable, I would definitely be interested in one of these.

  • Im in for one as well!

  • I'm in for at least one, maybe two depending on price
  • I’m also in for one possibly two depending on price.

  • I'm also interested in one (shure) and perhaps two depending on the price.
  • Hi guys (and gals?). :D Me too please!

  • im sorry, ive changed my mind, ive got far too much on the to-do pile, and if a ready built ones the same or cheaper, ill just do that. I really struggle with time and been doing far more music than building recently….

    just so you know.


  • i said the same thing, but wth, i could as well make it myself!
    i’m used to play with small things all my life ;D

  • I would definitely take two, maybe even three ... depending on price
  • I’m interested, but probably not in v1.

  • for me two assembled ones, please :-)
  • well, at least two :-D
    didn't read the manual to the end before!
  • until now, I did't read the manual till to the end but I already know, that I liked a Masterbox of this including several of these awsome apps! I neeeeeeeeeeeeeed!

    who else?

    I'd pay much more (but never as much as acme-5 or what the name is, as cool as it will be)
  • Buy 6 of them, and design a case for them with jack sockets connected to the raw UART in/out (these two pins allow several MIDIpal to talk to each other with a simpler connection than the MIDI cable). Bring patch cables. Now you have a modular MIDI machine!

  • yay !
    we'll see.. I'm a noob unfortunately, but this does not sound too difficult!
    definitely interested.

    someone in the sequencer.de forum asked for the clock divider?
    what do you think about this?

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