My project: Boomtrapped
  • Hi all !!

    There on soundcloud. , you’ll find 3 tracks of my project named Boomtrapped. All of them using principally a MS 20 and 2 or 3 shruthis (more to come soon since I now own a dual SVF and a DigiFX board….)

    Advices welcomed !



  • These are great.
  • Thank you KSD....



  • Hi all,

    since June, three more tracks have been produced….you can listen to/download them on my bandcamp

    your advices are greatly welcomed !



  • Hi!
    I’ve seen this thread only now! Great project (and not only because you’re using shruthis)
    Actually I’m really thinking a lot about the whole laptop thing. Why do we actually use computers to make music? Maybe it’s just because we can, and because it seems like something smart to do. But I’m growing more and more tired of software, and computers… so I really find your project inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

  • Hi all !!

    I’ve added 2 videos from a concert in October. The sound is a bit crappy (camera’s mic) but you’ll see some shruthis in action !

    Here on my youtube channel

    Cheers !


  • Hey !

    4 shruthis, 1 Mpc 2500, 1 MS-20 and a Sherman filterbank v2….

    If you want to, you can listen to one song recorded live on saturday during a gig….some more to be published online !



  • Hi guys !

    Some fresh news of Boomtrapped !

    The first EP "Op-amp" should come out in the next 2 weeks ! Containing 4 songs on the physical (mini) CD, and 2 more songs for download.

    It's an all-by-myself made object (except the printing). As there are principally shruthis in the songs, I decided the graphical design would be inspired by a part of the SMR4 filter board !


    The packaging will be really unique and the sonic object will be sold 5 € (without shipping costs). The digital version will include different audio format and a special design for cristal CD caddy (??).

    All the tracks are listenable online on boomtrapped' bandcamp:

    Hope you'll enjoy the tunes !

    Cheers !


    350 x 350 - 85K
  • sounds totally great! will listen to it soon!
  • Great music! Thanks for sharing it!

  • Oh !! And I forgot to say all tunes have been recorded, mixed and mastered using free softwares !

    And all songs are released under a CC by-nc-sa licence !

  • @Tom: really? What did you use?

  • midi sequencing: seq24
    virtual sampler: tapeutape
    multitrack audio mixer: ardour2
    mastering: jamin

    I’m running a debian wheezy with RT-patched kernel

  • Big linux fan here. so great to see projects like this! actually I’ve tried in the past to work with linux abd free audio software, but I failed. it was before I went “back to hardware” though…
    how did you solve the eternal incompatible-hardware problem with sound and midi interfaces?

  • Midi is not a problem at all using jack server, even with a firewire audio interface….It takes a bit of time to setup a perfectly working setup, but then, it’s as solid as a rock…...

  • it was the firewire audio interface part that was the problem, then when I got it to work they took the rt kernel out of the ubuntu repos.
    anyway jack is quite amazing!

    I managed to listen to the album a couple of times, there’s some really good traks on it. I can feel some strong passion in this music. I also think that one can hear the process, the way it was made in it, it sounds free and spontaneus.

  • Big linux fan here as well. Don’t miss Qmidiarp . You can program some really cool sequences with that and record the result into seq24. Only wish they could develop seq24 further. :-)

  • “It sounds free and spontaneous”....exactly what I’d like to hear each time someone listens to my music…Everything is recorded live:

    - no midi automation at all (except note sequencing as I’m unable to play correctly keyboards). filtering and else is recorded on the fly (after many many tries) – a choice to have no huge production (a few eqs on some tracks, but not a lot).

    Weird approach at these times of infinite choices of VST....but I need (and want) to limit these choices to produce something convenient !

  • I think this approach is what gives it a special sound! Sometimes it gets a bit confused, like in track nr.1, but in general I’d say it’s totally great!

  • Hello guys!!

    For those interested in buying my EP (sold at only 5€), it’s now possible using paypal.

    Unique and original packaging, I promise !

    Check that at



    PS: Olivier, if you consider this is not the place, just delete this post ;-)

  • oh right, thanks for reminding me that I wanted this! Now I got one :)

  • Thank you man ! You’re my first paypal buyer ! Great !

  • The track “ Submarine “ is cool!

  • Hy guys !

    here are some news from boomtrapped. I’m working on my scenography right now, and I will be using 3D modeling in the videos I’ll use. As usual, I’m using free softwares…For the 3D, it’s Blender 2.63

    As an exercice, I made a (simple) teaser..All sounds on the videos are made with SMR4 and digi/FX shruthi (except the fat bass….used a MS20)

    That’s the link

    I hope you’ll like it….And if it’s the case, share !



  • U.S.O

    First complete song using my Ambika + 2 SMR4 + MS-20

    Hope you’ll like it !!

  • Great track, it’s coming along nicely! I must also say that I can really hear some notable improvement in how you approach making the tracks, your first ones sometimes sounded a bit messy, the newer tracks sound a lot more like you know where you want to go! Keep it up!

  • Glad you like it !

    I decided, for the upcoming tracks to simplify things….The “kind of messy” things in the older tracks came from the fact that I used only mono synths and thus was thinking I had to play a lot of notes to “fill” the tune…

    Now that I have my ambika, things are gonna change !

    Using a poly synth makes me think the production diferently…still learning, but what a joy !

  • Some Wwork in progress ….No mastering, rough mix…

    what do you think of this beginning tune ?

  • not bad really! The beginning is quite interesting, nice athmosphere. And the song has a nice build up. I can hear that it’s still quite raw, but it’s promising!

  • don’t hard-pan your lead/bass synth. Otherwise there’s a lot of potential, i do like it. Take a bit more time to build the tune, add some barely audible elements and it will be a hit :)

  • Here comes a teaserof an audio creation for a french public institution. The goal was to make song mixing sound field recordings of public libraries atmospheres and sounds and electronic music.

    The tune is finished and lasts 5min 15sec. It will be officially full-lengthed released on the 24th of May, but I made a shorts teaser of 1 min 30 sec.

    You can listen to it there

    Using an ambika, 2 shruthis SMR4, one MS 20 and sound field recordings (except the kick…)

    Hope you’ll like it !



  • The full length version of my last track is available for free on my bandcamp

    Enjoy guys !



  • really cool

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