stolen shruti-1 (dublin)...
  • my shruti was stolen. if someone ends up on here wondering what to do with a funny little synth they just found/bought/whatever, please give me a shout. it’s unique, but worth more to me than it is to you. it has my username on the splash screen…

  • Sorry to hear that. Hope whoever took it has an attack of conscience, and gives it back…


  • crap.
    how did that happen?
    well, this is really unique. if that appears on ebay it should be noticed.

  • :( Feeling your pain Aidan. Will keep an eye out.

  • Booooo Stealers, Booooo.

    Sorry Dude.

  • cheers y’all. i lent it to my little cousin for his school project on techno (brilliant right?), but he accidentally left it in school over the easter holidays and when he got back it was swiped.

  • Really sorry to hear that! If some kiddy stole it you might check ebay for it… though I would guess the guy meaybe doesn’t know what the thing is called like, so searching Shruthi-1 might not give any results.

  • actually cool that you lent it to the kid, except for that it’s gone now of course.
    i lent mine to a friend too. but i guess it’s safe there in his living room, and won’t be stolen, as the frontpanel is still mounted on a big cardboard box, not too sexy, but he likes it.
    when i lost things in school exactly the same way (no synths though) they usually didn’t show up again. but who knows?

  • yeah, it’s a pisser. apparently there was builders in the school over the break, they were doing something to the room, cleared out all the projects and when they put the stuff back, the shruti was missing.

  • that sucks! somone stole my midibox sid a few months ago.. it really sucked!
  • ugh, painful. and littered with your good intentions.

  • ah could be worse! still a bummer and no mistake.

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