Colored Custumized Cases [October 2K12 Batch !!!!]
  • Yo Guys,

    as there seems to be demand for colored cases i’m going to do a small run of translucent colored cases.
    There will be available

    10 9 5 pcs in Dark Translucent Blue
    5 pcs in Ruby Translucent Red
    5 4 pcs in Dark NEUROPA Translucent Grey
    3 2 pcs in Orangina Translucent Yellow on stock
    3 2 0 pcs in Light Translucent Blue on stock ... 5 will be reordered so 5 4 are available

    Cases are 100% the original Mutable Instruments Form Factor as seen on the Store. You may choose either Slot or Hex Sidepanels and your favourite Custom engraving (or None) on the Front Panel, on the Top Panel the Standard Mutable Instruments Engraving. Cases will come with the Standard Accessories Pack with Screws + Clear Stick on Feet.

    As i have to order new Plexi you will have to bear the Shipping + Handling so the Slot Version will start at 28€ and the Hex version will start at 35€ + Shipping to wherever you want.

    If you want further Customizations (additional Holes for Whatever, different Ventilation Holes, special Engravings…..) just let me Know….

    To order drop me a mail to daniels ät daniels – cards dot de

    Uhm – expect delivery earliest mid May for colors not on stock….

    from left to right: Dark Translucent Blue, Light Translucent Blue, Orangina Translucent Yellow

    from left to right: Ruby Translucent Red, Dark Translucent Blue

    Dark NEUROPA Translucent Grey

  • Hi
    i want to buy two cases. i have problems to sent you a email. my emails returned to sender.

    is it possible that you get in contact with me?

    my email adress is polyfusion ät web dot de


  • Just ordered Plexi…

    anyone interested in Brown Translucent?

  • Yo Guys,

    originally i planned to ship your cases latest today, but no Plexi so far…. it was a bit delayed cause of a rather unusual 70ies color ordered, but i got today a notification that its been shipped. So I apologize for the delay, i hope UPS only takes the usual 2 days so i can ship your Orders before the Weekend…..

  • Update: Plexi is here, all paid cases will leave here tomorrow, will drop each one of you the DPD tracking number…

  • Do you have any green translucent plexi in at the moment, fcd72, just out of interest?


  • yes, there is some grey – greenish left. its the only translucent green there is from evonik…

  • ah, I was hoping for something nearer the red and blue in tone…


  • im sorry, i got samples of all available colors with this order (EXPENSIVE!!! ;-) ) and theres no better translucent green. however there are some other green colors that are semi-transparent which looks cool (like frosted) and maybe you can see a supernova-audience-blinder LED well thru is (at least in usual dim conditions musicians tend to live in…) will check back and report

  • Hey, I would be interested in brown translucent!
    Do the Dark NEUROPA Translucent Grey ones have the NEUROPA logo on them, like in this photo or is it just the color?

  • YO flip,

    i have brown translucent on stock, and no, the Neuropa Logo was a custom build, but you can have your own Logo on it without xtra cost…. If you cdecide today i can ship before my holidays, else youd have to wait till early july;-)

    edit: early june!

  • @fcd72 Do you happen to have any of the ‘orangina’ orange plexi in at the moment? I’m thinking maybe that instead of the green, now.

    Long holiday incidentally. Where are you going?


  • Oh, seems that i am a Month ahead of your time, so if you want to know news about future mutable instruments products ;-)

    Ill be with my family in Scharbeutz widely known as the most boring place at the Ostsee, xactly what i need.

    Orangina is on stock, drop me a Mail and it’ll ship tomorrow ;-)

  • Yo fcd72 :)

    Cool! Early June will be fine, I have to wait until May 27th to order the PCBs anyway. I think I’d take 2 grey and 2 brown, but now I have a bit more time to think about how many I really need/want ;)

    I think I have been in Scharbeutz on holiday with my parents when I was a kid. I remember playing Sonic 1 on a Megadrive all day in front of a store at the seafront :)

  • @flip

    blocked the plexi 4 u… ;-) obviously you are german, as no foreigner would ever spend his holiday in scharbeutz.. where are you from?

  • Cool, thanks!

    Hehe, yes :)
    I’m from Aachen, NRW, where Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands meet.

  • oh they have electricity there? then you should definitely pack your sidekick!

  • @ flip

    I lived for 8 years in the big white appartement building at the blücherplatz, right behind the europaplatz….

    die welt ist so klein™

  • a bad pic from one dark blue shruthi

  • Nice blue screen!!!! Where did you got these translucent knobs???

  • hehe from a Midibox bulk order and i need some illuminated potis <3
    just waiten on my other knobs from farnell

    the screen each 4€ and a nice green to

  • Screens for 4 euros? Where, where where?

  • yeah where??

  • but the nice green once are now not on stock! its a ebay seller! i orderd all my screens there!
    I can post the link?

  • it seems from your picture like the screen is a bit smaller than the window, or is that the solder points shining through the enclosure?

  • Oh, you should change the LEDs (i can spot the red one) to white / blue ones…. the blue translucent plexi is blue because it blocks all other colors ;-)

  • yes this are solder points and the screen is under the top panel!
    i only used this screens!

  • its only a board wich is finished! just figured it out which resistor will fits to the blue leds and the case!

  • cool, thanks!
    does he always carry these LCDs or should i grab one now?
    also, he has some beautiful 4x20 LCDs that seem to go in one of my mbsids. have you tried any of these?

  • no but i order one or two for my sammiches!

    again bad pics but here you can see the green one! tricky to make a good pic with my handy

    looks like he sells them and get em back on stock <3

  • Wait? They have BLUE PCBs? This is awesome! I still have a couple of blue control/SMR4 PCBs.

  • @yo rosch,

    im in with 3 blue and 2 green 16x4 and ones….

  • @pichenettes

    ok, ill reorder dark translucent blue ;-)

  • @fcd72
    It really is a small world. I live not too far from there now (Ottostr.) :)

  • yes and the shipping is very fast!

  • The LCDs look good! I thought about buying from this ebay seller, also from Poland: 2x16 LCDs

    They have some cool LCDs with black background.

  • anyone in need of a purple shruhti ?

  • Come on guys, it’s not a miracle, Germany is the country with the highest Shruthi-density (0.00046 Shruthi / km^2).

  • Hey, im at the local maximum ;-)

    Recalculating this makes 164,27 Shruthis in Germany. Who of you has the other 3.27 ?

    Honestly, this should be enough for a dedicated German Shruthi Owners Club (GeSOCs).... who is with me?

  • build 7 Shruthis! oke 2 are not finished! leds and lcds need to be done!
    four, I have built for friends and now i have 3,27 and one unfished ir3109 for me. (they wont more & i am a solder slave)
    GeSOCs nice!

  • there definitely are some centres of high Shruthi congestion here, i have nothing better to do also!
    so how about a GeSOCs engraving on my controller panel?

  • ... this programmer thingy keeps me from workin thru the pilo’o‘projects….

  • Sorry, unassembled boards are not accepted :)

  • collector

  • so theres only 0,00044803 Shruthis/mk^2….. well, we all will work hard to get this over 0,00050 i guess…

  • Update:

    Actually on Stock

    Orangina Translucent 2
    70s Brown Translucent 2
    Dark Blue Translucent 2
    Neuropa Grey Translucent 2
    Ruby Red Translucent 3
    Light Blue Translucent 2
    Goldish Translucent 3
    Grey Pinkish Translucent 4

    "Another Slice Anyone?" Frank'n'Furter
  • :D

    Are you back from holiday, fcd72? Hope you had a good time!
    Any plans to get green plexi back in stock?


  • I have opaque green on stock :)

  • Interesting. Would you say that’s similar in opacity terms, to the dark blue plexi (like the case I bought from you)? It looks like you can see though it dimly. Would green LEDs be visible through it, without having to drill holes?


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