A little heads up - what's next at Mutable Instruments
  • The discontinued products will be around when the shop re-opens.

  • My favourite Derrida quote, when interviewed by a journalist in his library with books stacked from floor to ceiling.
    Journalist: How many of these books have you read?
    Derrida: Only three – but I read them very carefully.

  • So, Olivier, since the Shruthi kits will still be available, what are your thoughts on doing more runs of the special versions? I think the 4P was on tap as the next one. That would be cool!

  • mmarsh: no. I want to keep it simple. SMR4 all the way or SMR4 + a redesigned 4-pole which doesn’t have the regulator death problem. Nothing else.

    janost: I’ll pass on that one, but if you want to explore your idea, well it’s yours, do it, amaze us!

  • @pichenettes Out of curiosity, what’s the regulator death problem?

  • Regulators on the 4PM board are laid out differently. The metal tab on the 7905 can touch solder joints on the control board, killing some chips.

  • I think completely “productizing” into two kit variants that include enclosures is a great idea.

  • @piscione
    Can you please send this link to Rolf Degen?

  • >> SMR4 all the way or SMR4 + a redesigned 4-pole which doesn’t have the regulator death problem. Nothing else.

    I’d like to see the 4P live on. I may just buy a board and source the parts then put it in my original SMR4 Shruthi (since I also have an XT with SMR4). That would give me SMR4, SVF, and 4P.

  • I have a question about Shruthi main controller… So, if we want other fancy Shruthi incarnations, guys like TubeOhm must also make a controller PCB? What about royalties for MI?

  • @MaxZorin: the Shruthi-1 hardware design, including the controller board PCB files, are released under a Creative Commons cc-by-sa 3.0 license, which allows anyone to re-use the design, even for commercial purposes, royalty-free, provided they give attribution to Olivier and Mutable Instruments, and that they also share the design including any modifications they make, under the same or equivalent licensing arrangements. Thus, when the Mutable Instruments stocks of bare Shruthi controller PCBs run out, there is no reason why André at TubeOhm or others can’t have runs of the PCBs made to sell with their filter designs. Or individual constructors or small groups of constructors can have Shruthi-1 controller PCBs made by companies like OSH Park or Seeed, at very reasonable prices (about the same cost per board as the PCBs that Olivier sells now), and in very good quality – easily good enough quality for any purpose. In the future, when the stock of Shruthi controller boards at Mutable has run out, expect to see regular calls on this forum for group purchases of PCBs in small quantities (minimum 3 or 5 for OSH Park and Seeed respectively).

  • As Olivier pointed out before the vanilla Shruthi Kit won’t run out.

  • @fcd72: but the bare controller boards will

  • I am positive you will be able to order individual PCBs elsewhere. That’s the beauty of the license Olivier has chosen for his work.

  • @BennelongBicyclist

    Thanks for the explanation :)

  • Btw, I’m curious, what manufacturer make PCBs for Olivier? The quality is superb. Better than those ones inside my Bass Station 2…

  • I think it’s a high-end local manufacturer that mostly does work for low-volume medical and industrial devices.

  • Try PCBcart.com . . .

  • @fcd72
    Hmm… their website doesn’t look appealing…

  • If you want just 3 (or multiples thereof) PCBs for personal use, try OSH Park. Really high quality ENIG plated boards, amazingly cheap, free postage. Seemed is also fine, and they do PCBs in different colours (and with ENIG plating if you like). Not recommended: Jackaltac. Inferior quality.

  • @MaxZorin
    What do you want, a pretty Website or a pretty PCB? Don’t judge a book by its cover.

  • The shop has reopened! I was a bit afraid of a rush (I am probably not the only one saying, ok, with these announcement, I better go now and order those pcbs that I wanted to order for quite some time now …).

    I am aware that most PCBs will still be available self-organized as group orders, but for many (including me) it is still simpler to get those on the “wishlist” while they last.

    PCBs for the Anushri seem to be gone. The initial announcement of Olivier with respect to Anushri was not entirely clear to me (“I might do a small run of them to prevent …”). Might there be another small run, incl the chip? Otherwise i just go straight for the kit (and i do think everybody should have two Anushris at least, they are a perfect heart for a small eurorack system).

    I guess for all other stuff (other than mentioned in the original post, like Shruthi kits), it is: whatever is gone, is gone.

  • Now saw the same question asked on Muffwiggler by someone, ... and the answer from pichenettes is: “I don’t plan to do a new run of PCBs for Anushri.”

    So a kit it will be!

  • bummer about the ambika! it amazed me how high of a workload olivier seemed to have so i understand- but DAMN that was/is? a great instrument :) :(

  • There’s a long history to the Ambika-basically IIRC Olivier became frustrated with the compromises that through-hole DIY-friendliness placed on the design (ie 8-bit AVR chips) even before the project was complete-there were SMD voicecards and a 32-bit motherboard that never made it past prototyping because the core architecture (lots of daughtercards and a huge motherboard) was just not viable for commercial production, sadly.

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