• I just noticed that since some time, every time I solder stuff (even if it’s just a couple of joints) I get a funny feeling in my lungs and start coffing for at least a day… am I using the wrong solder? It says flux core solder on the package… I don’t know, maybe I’m using some toxic stuff and don’t know it.
    I’m using a fan to blow the fumes away and keep a window open, though down in the basement the windows are quite small…

  • If it would have some pharmaceutic effect it would be either illegal or only available thru the pharmacy – so don’t worry ;-)

    Honestly, there are healthier things on the planet than flux solder fumes, have your workplace nicely aired and try not to breathe directly the fumes. Badly solder that doesn’t have integrated flux or the kind that does not smell like SolderFume™ makes no good solder joints…. Or try the pichenettes way: make kits and let others build your machines to rule the world….

  • Take paper some tabaco and roll it :)

  • Sounds almost like my first trials with ecigs to me.. You seriously shouldnt inhale rosin core fumes, theyre not healthy, and the lead contained in the fumes isnt healthy either..
    Sounds like a pretty extreme reaction though.. Might want to stop soldering for a little while (a week maybe? ) And see if it changes anything.. else : Get to a doktor ;=)

  • I have two synths bought from the last of a duo. They both taught electronics during the day and had a band at night. She played synth and flute and taught electronic technology for women in a community college. Her double lung transplant did not take. She died leaving him and a four year old boy. Not making this up. True. On the Matrix 6r one preset still has an “I love you” message to her husband. I wont change it. Was it solder fumes? Who knows. Do not inhale solder fumes.

    Ventlation. Open window. A fan that blows away. A hood made out of silver dryer tubing with a sucking $5 computer fan at the other end, duct tape and a cardboard vent to the window is a simple $20 fix. Or buy a pro-filter at an electronics shop.

    Your lungs are warning you. Listen to them. Stay away from unprotected soldering.

  • Thanks a lot for your feedback guys! I think I’ll just stop soldering for some time and then try to get a professional filter…

  • a fume extractor may be a good idea. Also, take a look at what flux your solder uses “flux core” is not very specific. The ROHS flux is crazy toxic and you really need very good ventilation for it. I like the organic stuff (Kester 331), not really too nasty and cleans up with water (but you absolutely HAVE to clean it, it is both corrosive and conductive)

  • Guess I might just throw it away and get a new one… just to be sure… In fact the lable doesn’t say a lot more, and I can’t at this point, exlude it to be the nasty one… hope I didn’t get too much of it…

  • but wasn’t RHOS Restriction of Hazardous Substances? Shouldn’t that one be the less toxic one?

  • Yeah, in theory. The main thing was the elimination of lead from solder so it does not go into landfills when people toss used electronics . Unfortunately, the lead free solder requires a highly active (i.e. corrosive) and toxic flux to work effectively. I hear horror stories of people going through tips on their soldering irons like crazy as a result.

    I get the idea behind ROHS but I think in practice, it really leads to more and more waste since the lead free solder is not designed to last for a long time so the days of electronics lasting 20 years are gone and the result will be landfills filling up with electronic junk that only lasts a few years anyway. Everything is so cheap these days that who actually fixes electronics? Just toss and replace :(

  • yeah that’s really one of the problems of our times… and that’s why I love DIY and the whole maker movement!
    Anyway, the solder I use is not lead free, it’s the standard 60-40 lead-tin solder… so it shouldn’t be the toxic one… well I sometimes get a bit paranoid about these things, especially when there is no certain information about it. Everybody kept telling me soldering is not bad for your health, but now I start to have some doubts…

  • Can confirm that ROHS-compliant solder eats up solder tips…. btw, what a nice idea to remove lead out of the solder from the landfills while spreading tons of Mercury all over Europe from these Light-Smog producing Energy Saving “Lamps”. Anyone ever let these things shine thru a Prism? Its for your Eyes like having a Brutal 36db/Octave Comb Filter on your Ears…..

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