Assigning Sequencer Parameters to Performance Page
  • Salut!

    I was trying to assign the Arpeggio Warp parameter to the Performance Page, wouln’t work, i.e. the “Touch a knob …” does not appear.
    As it seems, none of the sequencer parameters can be assigned there.
    Is this a bug or not foreseen? Or am I doing something wrong (Assign by holding S2 for a short moment)

    I’d be glad for any hints!

  • Not foreseen – only the synthesis parameters can be assigned.

  • Ok, merci.

    Any possibility to include this in a future firmware update?
    I think it’s quite useful, as you have the LEDs running along with the sequence stes in the performance page.
    So if you change the arpeggio warp, you immediately see how it changes or how it its bouncing around.

  • I thought of a "workaround":
    changing the LED mode for the arpeggiator page, so that the LEDs run xox-style when the Arpeggiator page is active, would this work ?

    After looking at the code, what would be the best approach ?

    a) in change the leds_pattern value for PAGE_SEQ_ARPEGGIATOR in page_definition from "LED_2_MASK" to "0" ?

    b) in change the "UpdateLedsTask" to "if ( (editor.current_page() == PAGE_PERFORMANCE) || (editor.current_page() == PAGE_SEQ_ARPEGGIATOR) )"
  • Changing the line in b) would do the trick.

  • Thanks a lot Olivier, I'll give it a go tonight.
  • Hmm, I'm trying to build the firmware with the recent source coud (under Win32).
    The compiler is looking for a "audio_out.h" file, which does not exist ... ? (line 28 of #include "hardware/shruthi/audio_out.h")
  • I forgot to commit them. They are back. Note also that there’s a v091 branch if you don’t want to risk your life with the newest stuff.

  • Thanks for that! Compiled the v0.91 without problems.
    However, the final midi file (no AVR programmer here) is a bit too large (132kb) and is reported as damaged (Midi-Ox, Win MediaPlayer)
    Avr-size reports:

    text | data | bss | dec | hex | filename
    62912 | 622 | 2976 | 66510 |103ce |shruthi1.elf
  • Can you send me by email the generated MIDI file?

    Why do you say the MIDI file is large? Do you get any error message about this?

  • Well, the original v0.91 file from the firmware download is 128kb, when I compile the code I get a 132kb file, which MIDI-Player won't accept / report as damaged.
    No "size error" though, thats why I included the avr-size info above.
    Anyway, sent you an e-mail.
  • Thanks to Olivier (after some e-mail exchange) this issue is now solved:
    There was a minor error in the hex2sysex python script (write mode of the file). He just changed that last night
    If you want to make Sysex files, make sure you have the "new" python script or change the file write mode parameter as the comments on github for hex2sysex show.