• I guess this is aimed at olivier and eatyone, (or anyone else from paris):

    I’m hitting paris for a weekend sometime in April with my girlfriend.

    could you guys recommend some of your favourite places in paris? all we know is that we want to see the pomidou center, we’re open to suggestions for restaurants/clubs/places to stay.

    any tips most welcome!

  • If your in paris with your girl, dont miss this steelthingy …. a pic from top of the eiffel-tower with both of you kissing is a must have for every paris-tourist….

  • haha that’s about how good recommendations i can give about paris, too!!

  • @fcd: lolz, yeah maybe. :)

  • in dublin, we have… THE SPIKE!

  • Eaty1’s one house: free drink and smoke :)

  • if the weather is cool think to this, not expensive and really nice: http://www.pariscanal.com/

  • that looks good eaty! cheers.

  • hey rosch – im the paris expert – i have 3 of these pics *löl


    i dont think i want a pic of me kissing my wife both of us impaled to your “SPIKE”

  • fcd: yes please. :)

  • @oootini

    In Ypsilanti, MI we have BIG BRICK DICK :P

  • Gentlemen, this is the first time I had to do this on this forum and I hope this will be the last time.

    There’s a wide gap between being pleasantly off-topic ; and dumping random links / ramblings in the middle of other topics, especially when it can confuse other people. And an even wider gap between being off-topic and “digging older posts for the sake of posting a bitter, childish comment”.

  • and again…..

  • be cool

  • erm, anyway i did end up having a good weekend in paris. here’s me looking at some random junk in the clignancourt market.

  • Really near of m’y home :)

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