files for the Shruthi case?
  • Does anyone know if the files for the shruthi case are available for download?

    I like the case, but I want to make a few small modifications, for my shruthi, it would be great if I had an SVG file for something like that to start with.

  • Yo Bitracer,

    what modifications? If its not too weired i can include them so no need to go to the Ponoko-process…

  • oh youre oliviers partner are you ? I see!

    I ordered a custom engraving but not sorted it yet. I was going to ask olivier about adding two or three holes on front panel – would this be possible? Will pay extra. (sorry to jack your thread bitracer)

  • Hey Ben,
    i thought youd go for the Black enclosure anyway ;-) ?

  • @fcd72 I was thinking of extending the case out to the right by 1-2 inches to make room for the power switch on the back ,and the two additional “volume” pots on the top.


  • i tested that one – ugly but can do ;-)

    Although i understand the need for a VolumePot in Live Situation (in the studio you are using a mixer, huh?) I don’t understand why people want a Power switch unless they Power Shruthi by Batterie. The Overall Power Consumption of a Shruthi ist about 5€ per year when connected 24/7, to have a more ecologic footprint you’d better go for a Switching Power Supply rather than a cheap Wallwart sucking more Power all the time even when Shruthi is switched off.

    Offtopic: my favourite Non-Mutable-Instruments-Hybrid Synth the Microwave has also no Volume Pot. Oh, and the Pulse lacks it as well.

  • i’d never leave a thing plugged in the wallwart and switch just the secondary side off.

  • @fcd – yeah. but im thinking of a whole new kit and keeping my very first project as is… not sure yet. Is the blacky acrylic or metal, looked metal on the pics.

    not quite sure what im doing yet, got told last week im going down form 5 to 3 days work a week… good in some ways but bad for the old beer tokens.


  • The SVG for the Shruthi-1 case is available here:


    the link is reported in the Mutable’s “Build it!” pages.

  • The link above leads to a fairly older version, the actual ones have removed the middle holes for the PCBs and slightly bigger Holes for the Pots.

    Its Plexi! Get only PCB + ATmega and do the rest yourself – thats the real fun (Ok. the ÜberRealFun™ is to build it on a perfboard…)

  • some inspirations

    all by supercool cmos sculptor Stanley Lunetta

  • actually I don’t have a mixer and the signal is too hot when I plug it in to my computers line-in directly. I was thinking this would be an easy way to fix it. while at it, why not add the pot for line in, and the power switch, since there will be room

  • If you only want to lower the output try a voltage divider (nothing else is the Pot) with about 3,3K and 6,8K between the Pads where you put in a bridge so you only get 1/3 or 2/3 of the max Level.

  • Hey rosch, another completely hijacked thread for us….

  • Guys is possible to have the new svg file?
    thanks ;)
  • Can I second that request?
  • Could someone export enclosure.svg in DXF format, since only shop that cuts acryl / plexi will only accept that. I tried to import in inkscape then save as DXF, but! alas, now i have shruthi case that is about 6% smaller in every dimension :) Will probably superglue it together with LEDs as Christmas decoration.

  • I could just cut a case for you….

  • Thanks! But that would be too much. For now, front ( top ) panel measurements is all i need, since i thought about using just top and bottom panels, to protect it from short circuiting, while i play with it and collect parts for the programmer. When the programmer is ready, i will make a case :)

  • Export it again but draw a 1cm x 1cm square somewhere so they have a scaling reference

  • Or even easier: measure the distance of the holes on your PCB and scale yourselves.

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