SSM2044 Filterboard question: TL084/TL074
  • Hi there Experts,

    just a short question: the BOM for the SSM FilterBoard states a TL074, on the board (rev 0.1) TL084 is printed. Just compared the datasheets, the TL074 seems to be “better” and has the same pinout so i assume its safe to use a TL074 instead the printed TL084?

    Is this a mistake in the silkscreening?

  • The TL084 has better DC performance (low offset) and the TL074 has better noise/distortion performance.

    I use TL074s on the audio paths, TL084s on the control paths. On the SSM2044 filter board, the quad op-amp is used for scaling/filtering CV only, so I prefer putting a TL084 here.

  • Ok, understood: it will not melt a hole in the universe if swapped but a 084 would be better hence the better DC prformance (and the CVs are near DC i assume…)

    While i am at asking stupid questions (and compilin another Reichelt order…) will this one do?

  • Right part, wrong photo :)

  • Looks like an vintage EPROM....