Census of successfully assembled kits
  • Post here to brag about your successful build. Photos are welcome!

  • Starting here myself :)

    batch 0: 7 units
    batch 1: 4 units
    batch 2: 6 units
    batch 2.5: 1 unit

  • Batch 2: 1 unit
    (All working 100%)
  • Batch 2: 1 unit

  • Batch 2: 1 unit
    100% working first Time
  • batch 1: 1 unit

  • Batch 1: 1 unit
  • Batch 1 : one unit which is working great :-)

  • Batch 1: 1 unit

  • Batch 2: 1 unit working
  • batch 2 – 1 unit

  • Batch 1: 1 unit (with SMR-4 board) working perfectly.

    Also, one CEM3379 filter board which works fine except for the audio in. I broke the audio in by putting the bridge in the wrong place, and ruined the pad when I tried to desolder and move it. Nobody replied to my questions about ways to fix it, so I presume it’s not fixable. I understand the lack of instructions for the more “specialist” boards, and the BOM is enough to build the board, but I think perhaps there should be a brief mention of some of the “gotchas” and things to watch out for could be added to those pages.

  • batch 2 : 1 unit.

    Took about 4-5 hours to build... no major issue.

    Lcd did not work at first... ended up being s cold solder joint on the lcd trimmer ground... now everything works.
  • Batch 2: 1 unit
    Spent about 5h(!) on each board but they worked immeadiately
  • batch 2: 1 unit, (1189)

    no problems, great stuff!
  • batch 1: 1 unit, working great!

  • batch 1 : 1 unit, working fine.

  • Batch 2: 1unit, It sounds great!
  • Batch 1: 2 units CEM3379 and SMR4. They work well. I messed up a digital control board and had to get another. Desoldering is really tricky for the Audio and MIDI Jacks. FYI

    Just ordered a ssm2044.

  • Batch 1: minor issue (my fault), but now it sounds heavyt!
  • Batch 1: 1 unit
  • Batch 2: 1 unit alive

    No problems at all! Finding the right LED colors from my collection takes most of the time ;)

  • batch 1: 1 unit – works perfectly

    batch 2: 2 units – heavily modified but works perfectly.

    SSM2044 filter board: works perfectly with and awesome sound ! (BOM: you’ll need 4 Electrolytic cap, NP/audio grade 3.3u and not “3”)

  • Batch 0: 1 unit

  • Batch 0: 1 Unit
    Batch 2.5: 1 Unit
    Both without real problems.

  • batch 1: 1 unit with cem3379 filter board - working just great.
  • batch 2 (not 3) : 1 unit
    (mistake ^)
    no problem
  • Hi renardo,
    can you send me the specs + schematics to your time machine?

  • batch 2: one excellent working unit!
  • batch 1, 1 unit - works fine!
  • batch 2: 1 unit
  • Batch 2: 1 Unit assembled successfully

  • not sure about my batch... 1 unit working fine!
  • batch 2 : 1 unit perfectly working!!
  • Self sourced, working good now after a couple hick-ups

  • batch 2: boards, LCD & chips (SMR4)
    1 unit working fine!!!
    but no case yet (of course)
    flickr album

  • Batch 2, 1 unit working great with SMR-4 board... SSM2044 waiting for parts order.
  • @tanaisfox, that’s batch -1 or -2 :)

  • batch 1(?): 1, runs well after I realized I: had one ic socket reveresed, and one audio output capacitor backwards. clear plexi with a Canadian maple leaf.
    and 1 shruti in a bamboo wedge

  • batch 3: 1 unit with CEM3379 filter and green PCBs. Soldered a cap of incorrect value.

  • Batch 2 (2 it was, wan’t it?) got 2, built one, works fine, despite my continuous attempts at destroying components… :)
    so for now 1:1 fine

  • Batch 3: 1 unit (SSM2044 filter, red PCBs). Swapped two resistors because I followed the online BOM/image while the circuit has changed a tiny bit.

  • still waiting on a digikey shipment :(

  • Batch 3: 2 unit (SMR4, black PCBs ; CEM3379, black PCBs). Discovered that red LEDs of same color/intensity can look totally different (from bright purple to invisible) behind a 6% reflective blue sheet of acryl. Had to desolder some of them and made a bit of a mess of the board, but it’s fine. Had to swap a resistor on the digital board because customer asked for a super-bright LCD.

  • Batch 2:

    With correct firmware, works 100% with CEM3379 filter (not had a chance with the SRM4 yet)

    ISP programming header did not work initially due to bad 595 (replaced and worked, was getting a resistance between pin 13 a +5 preventing it from programming)

    to also add, building the bootloader and OS on a windows based AVR toolchain checks out (WinAVR)

  • Batch 2 - One shruthi-1 spewing out awesome noises (yup, it works) :D
    http://www.flickr.com/photos/55990592@N05/5188836290/in/set-72157625296725967/ ;)
  • Batch 3: 1 unit (stock configuration – black PCB, blue LCD, green and orange LEDs). For updating the assembly instructions. Had a 100W lamp on top of my head all the time and it really shows how bad I am at soldering.

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