SN76477 Something fun to play with?
  • I have the opportunity to buy this chip. I don’t believe it’s been used in anything mindbowing, but it might be fun to play with. Anyone got any thought?

  • Here are the Instructions:

    If it helps – i have plety of these 28Pin Wide Sockets here ;-)

  • One schematic to rule them all…...

    Maybe I’ll buy it and have a play. Possibly a case will be needed (cue fcd72 encouragement™)

  • That chip has been used to superb effect by – Thomas Henry™!
    There’s a nice LFO/S&H/filtered digital noise combo called the Super Controller that Fonik used to provide a PCB for.

    Then there’s the SN Voice by Thomas Henry, described by Scott Stites with PCBs from State Machine on the electro-music forum

    My modular setup haz both :D Good stuff indeed.

  • It was also used in the original Space Invaders arcade machine – how much more mind-blowing can you get than that?