shruthi-1 with MAX patch - first effort!
  • hello,
    after finally sorting out the resistors which i’d put in the wrong places, i have hooked my shruthi-1 up to a max patch i hacked together – not being much of a midi person this is all new territory for me.
    anyway, here’s avideo:

  • If you want i have an alpha test of a M4L patch with almost shruthi parameters implemented…

  • oh wow, ‘looks great!
    i don’t own Live or M4L though… :(
    have been playing on the demo only.

    i’ll have to investigate the costs.

  • EATYone: I downloaded your last plug but because I’ve never used M4L before I don’t know what to do with those files. Also haven’t spent too much time with Live in general lately so placing the files isn’t really what’s been keeping me. But maybe for myself and others could you be so kind to fill me in?

    Nice vid sync.

  • Sorry not enough time toonight to make a real tut, but it’s really easy if u got M4L:

    - create a midi track
    – Drag the .amxd direclty on it, from the finder or from the live’s browser
    – Select your midi out port on the midi track

    And that’s done, u’ve got a plug to use like any other AU/VSTi , automation, ...

  • Really nice work!
    Thank you very much, as soon as I receive and prepare my kit, I'll be trying this MAX patch.

    I wonder if the Shruthi-1 could be linked via OSC to a Iphone/Ipod Touch to give additional visual feedback and controls at the same time as portability (without needing a whole computer).
  • @EATYone — where’s your Shruthi patch? You might be able to save me some time, as I plan on trying to create a Max standalone (like I did for the WTPA: )

  • I CAN post it, but there’s some bugz on it, but nô Time to fix them. If i remember some nrpn haven’t got good scale, and some others prob…all Cc are good…and for the shruti without H nô nrpn but all cc ok…

  • OK – if I get time myself, I will start on mine, and then if you share yours, we can compare notes…

  • here we go!!!!

    For the maxpat file, in order to use them you will need to add a midi selector in/out.

  • Thanks EATYone, I gave it a look. Did you find that you needed all those speedlim’s because the Shruthi choked on the MIDI stream if not?

  • Doh!!! I don’t have Live 8. :(

  • KSD just use the MAX patch and not the max for live one. You just need to download the Max Runtime (free)... If some of you are interested to use it without m4l tell me, i’ll do the midi output/input things you need to use it…

  • woo!
    i’d be happy with a version to run in max/maxruntime with midi in/out :)
    i’ve not had much time, but have opened both ‘Shruti1.maxpat’ and ‘Shruthi1_ALPHA2.maxpat’ and don’t have the ‘Live.dial’... where’s that supposed to be?

    i’ve had a quick play with Strettas polygome and guess a combo with your patch would be great fun!!!

    thanks in advance :)

  • ok i will work on it

  • woop woop!!!
    thanks :)
    in the meantime, am i able to add dials in place of these juibogus objects…?

    (how do these pics work…?)

  • Look beneath the textbox to the right an click on Textile Help ….

  • Yeah you can replace live dial by normal dial, but don’t care of this, i’am re build it entierly for MAX, and i think i can post it perhaps toonight or tommorrow night if my children let me some time to do it :D Wich one do you prefer in first Shruthi or Shruti?

  • In progress…

  • hi, i’d be happy with Shruthi to match the machine i built, if that’s answering the question correctly ;)
    looking forward to this, i wish i had more time to build stuff with MAX, this could be a help!
    thanks in advance!

  • BETA1:


    Not tested, cause i’vnt got my Shruthi at work :)))))

  • Thanks EATYone! I too am at work right now, with no Shruthi. But looking at your Max patch, a few humble questions/suggestions:

    1) I see that you removed all the speedlim objects – I assume you ended up not needing those after all? It will be important to see if the Shruthi chokes on a heavy MIDI input stream…

    2) It doesn’t seem like you updated any of the ctlout objects with the selected MIDI output device. Also, currently no way to change the MIDI channel of the ctlout objects to anything other than channel 1…

    3) Not sure why you connected midiin to midiout? Don’t think you need to do that…

    As soon as I get some time (yeah right!), I’ll try and help out with this, so you’re not doing it all by yourself!

  • Yeah i Know for chan1, but i never Dirk with More than one midi device( i m a children of sample)...speedlim not seem to be needed with the Shruthi unlike than the shruti…

  • wow!
    thanks :) i’ll try and have a play over the weekend.
    thank you!!!

    8>< edit:
    just been having a look at this and couldn’t get the randomize button to work, so i edited the patch a little, i hope you don’t mind.

  • Do what u want!!! I’m a Max newbie, share ur result, and we’ll try to keep “official” up to date patch for every body :)

    I’ll Will make a tut for those wich don’t Know how to use it.

  • great, thanks!!
    i’ve posted it here via my blog: a link

  • urg… going to have to wait for your tutorial, EATYone, i don’t know how to send the info from your patch to the Shruthi-1…
    i am a MIDI noob!
    i have just spent the last hour trying to get my old Roland JX-3p to send MIDI out to the Shruthi, it worked the other day but not tonight.
    time for a beer

  • Ok sorry for a big mistake during the translation from M4L to MAX... I’ve now link each ctlout with a midi port…

    So you just have to select where the Patch have to send CC…Just select ur output… For exemple u can choose to redirect midi CC directly to ur midi interface, or to virtual port like “From Max Msp1” for driving directly CC from ur DAW

    Here’s the link of the beta2: DOWNLOAD

  • Sorry third beta:

    Bug Fix:

    - The randomize button was a Live one so, changed to standard one for those who’vnt got M4L – Now with the Max Run Time the patch will open itself in presentation mode.


    Tested with the free Max Runtime in Live.

  • nice work EATYone :)
    i thought it was me being a noob…
    i’ll have a play later on and report back!

    thanks again!

  • Hello again,
    EATYone: your MAX patch is great, thank you so much!!!
    Together with the Shruthi-1, it’s helping me get my head into MIDI, something I have avoided for a loooooong time
    I made two quick videos yesterday of the ShruthiCCMAX Beta in action :)
    • The first one with just the Shruthi:
    • The second with five12’s Numerology sequencing the Shruthi-1 and sync’d to Roland TR808 & TB303, with a little bit of effects thrown in for good measure:

    The next thing on my list is to be able to use my Kenton Control Freak with the MAX patch to control the dials….

  • Hello everyone, I am looking to try all the available patch editors and this looks pretty sweet, Do you have a download link for the Max runtime patch, I tried the links in this post but they do not appear to work, I will be getting my Shruthi-1 tomorrow, I can not wait!!
  • hey BobSwanS,
    i just checked the link above for the third beta ( from EATYone…
    it works fine.

  • Sorry man,I should have right clicked then saved as

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