• about 15 min/hole …

  • “No wonder you’re single” (stolen from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D89nbx_XBAE at 1:40). Do you want a Plexi version of this???

  • What’s that? One of those funky grid sequencer things?

  • looks good eaty! make sure you leave enough room for button wiggle. my arduinome has a slight catch on one of the buttons. very annoying.

    how thick is that plate?

  • Yeah Oootini no problem for the room it will be ok. Thickness: 10mm i d’ont want the buttons exceed too much… but if 10 mm is too much, i can transform the plate to be 8, 7, or less :)

    But anyway fcd your my angel, cause i have a third one in progress, and need a particular an Magnifique faceplate for it, so i will mail you ;)

  • cool. look forward to seein the final product!

  • Yo EATYone, drop me a line, it’ll be a pleasure to me.

  • looking good so far! What board material is that? Did you just pick it up from a local hardware store?

  • For the material it’s MDF yeah very easy to find.

  • 52 holes left… :)

  • This is going to be the endless thread…... 51 i think?

  • Hey! It’s your old new best friend – making your new futur[sic] best friend!!!


  • Hey EATYone,

    what about a status update regarding the holes? ;-)

  • yep i will post some photos this afternoon, i didn’t go to work today, and i’ve finished the holes this morning!!!! ... Just 3 mistake … H is not good for clean working grrrrrrr…...But what i know now, it’s what will be my next DIY project: a CNC!!!!!!!!!!§

  • ...Must waiting that the “wood paste” is ok to work it :)

  • This looks awesome! What kind of router are you using?

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