2.2k / 220ohm substitution
  • Hi, just started assembly on my kit! My 2.2k was accidentally replaced by a 220ohm resistor in my package. Just wanted to let people know, it's an obvious mistake, if he was using 1% resistors the color code would have been red-red-black-brown, 220ohm 5% is red-red-brown and 2.2k is red-red-red. Dunno if it's' just mine or if everybody got that...

    Just a forewarning!
  • The way I proceed is the following

    Phase I:

    1. Get 20 plastic cup
    2. For each line of the BOM, take the corresponding bag of components from the big bunch I receive from digikey/farnell, and put the right quantity in each cup

    Phase II:

    1. For each cup, empty the cup in a plate
    2. Pick each line of the BOM from the plate and put it back into a bag

    I think it’s quite reliable (The phase II is quite time-consuming indeed, but I do sometimes find missing parts at this stage so it’s worth doing), and I am sorry you had this problem. It’s probably an isolated case… If you know better ways of preparing that might reduce such problems, let me know!

  • Everything was fine in my kit, except for the fact that I got an extra resistor. Thanks! Mine will be done by tomorrow.