A few questions about assembly of smr4 filter
  • Hello. I just now got my filter all assembled and willt put together the control board tomorrow. However, I have a few worries. Firstly, the soldering on the 20k trimmer got really funky and I had to do it again, but I had doubts about the end result (managed to take off some solder mask), so I tested the joints in a way I looked up on the net. I held the COM probe on the nearby trace-thing and put the other one on each joint and they all read 0v. According to the page that means it’s an okay joint. Just want to check with you if that’s an okay method of testing. The joints actually don’t look to bad. They are shiny and such so yeah.

    I am also wondering about the thing you put on the 3*1 pin (forgot the name). It does not seem to stay in position and is easily removed, should it be that way?

    Thank you for your time, I am but a puny fool trying to get by in a big, cold world.

  • You mean 0 ohms resistance? continuity mode displays ohms.

    3*1? you mean the 2/4 pole header? if the jumper doesn’t stay on well then give the jumper (not the header pins) a gentle squeeze with some pliers to close the contacts a little.