Mouser Order From Germany
  • SolderusInterruptus™: i ran out of parts and need to order….

    I am lacking 40$ of Parts for free shipping. Anyone from Germany/EU in need of something?

  • i might need another optrex if it turns out the led substitution project for the one i burned out fails.

    when do you want to order?

  • Yesterday ;-)

  • Dangit, doesn’t look like mouser has the switch-caps :(

  • But The Alternative they have…

    edit: link updated
    edit II: non swedish link

  • Link does not work, just redirects to top level inventory of the Swedish mouser :/

  • There are similar caps at Farnell in the EU made by ALPS. They’re not shiny and smooth (textured) but the dimensions are correct:

    Black: 1123884
    Red: 1123886

    Note: they have a very slight recess at the top. But I like that.

  • Hi Frank,

    i hope you didn`t order yet.

    i decided and would like to get another 805-51850NFQJLGACN

    if i happen to suceed in fixing my other one, i’ll give it to a friend who is also planning on building ambika later this year.

    i figure you could send the optrex to me together with my ambika case, which i am going to order from you soon.

    is that allright?

  • @6581punk
    cool, i’ll try them next time i order there (if they still have them stocked in EU/GB by then)
    these would be great to stick a little labeling print on top of it, as far as i can tell from the pic

  • Yeah, you’d get a small label on the top. Just enough recess to end up with a flat top when you have a label applied.

  • @V`cent Strange bout the link, anyway; The Alternatives are 611-F1201 through to 611-F1204. I find that they work well with the switch and the original enclosure hole (of the Shruthi-1 and there for the Ambika).

  • the links work, although in a very strange but almost familiar language :D

  • Hmm.. Indeed, now the links work.. Meh.. Probably my fault.. Did you order yet, fcd72?

  • Nope – i hadnt the time compiling the list yet….

  • Wohooo –
    Can i get
    611-F1201 x5
    611-F1202 x5
    611-F1203 x5
    611-F1204 x5

  • @rosch Seems like when I’m logged in I get English text and when I’m not I get Svenska…

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