Windows tool chain woes
  • I may be missing something since I followed both sets of instructions in the other thread and the same thing occurs with WinAVR and the Arduino approach:

    Everything works as it should and I can compile the firmware for the shruthi and ambika however, regardless of what makefile I tell it to make it ALWAYS makes the same thing.

    Example: in the shell, I type “make -f controller/makefile” and it goes through and makes the voicecard firmware

    This running on winxp on my laptop, I did a fresh install following everything to the T and I have the same result.

  • Are you sure shell is picking up the correct make.exe? You may have some other tool sets on the path coming before WinAVR bin that have make.exe

  • Its pathed to the winavr directory, I only have one make.exe on this machine, I only use it for AVR dev stuff. It does make the hex files so that aspect seems to work OK, its just that I can tell it what to make, it just does one thing from whatever root directory its in